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Hilarious video show group of hikers’ disastrous attempt at rescuing friend from muddy bog

A HILARIOUS video shows a group of hikers‘ disastrous attempt at rescuing their friend from a muddy bog.

Alexandra Moyna ended up getting submerged in mud while walking the Slieve Doan peak in the Mourne Mountains in County Down last week.

The footage begins as the 26-year-old has one leg half stuck deep in a quagmire while leaning over on a grass verge looking defeated.

Her friends are shown smiling and laughing close by as the makeup artist waits for them to help her.

The group then attempt to rescue Alexandra from the mud – but the mission doesn’t seem to go to plan.

One female friend begins sinking in the mud and struggles to free her foot before backing off from the situation.

Two males then appear to be making progress as they each pull on one of Alexandra’s arms.

However, one of them ends up falling over while Alexandra lays back in the ground with her feet still heavily submerged in the mud.

Alexandra's first friend started to get stuck in the mud
Alexandra’s first friend started to get stuck in the mud.

After trying to contain his laughter, the last man standing then takes a step backwards and also falls back near the muddy ditch.

He quickly gets back up and smiles while wiping down his trousers before the clip comes to an end.

Alexandra revealed today that she ended up being stuck in the bog for around 15 minutes until she finally managed to get out.

Speaking today, she said: “It was pretty mucky on the way up.

“I fell a few times but nothing too bad, then on the way back down I took the lead and started sinking.

“I couldn’t stop laughing, but also mortified that I couldn’t get out again.

“I was up to my hip.

Laughing at the calamity, another friend fell over
Laughing at the calamity, another friend fell over.

“I was in there for 15 minutes, over all the laughing.”

She shared her video on TikTok where it has gained over 16,000 views and 1,100 likes.

Viewers left comments after finding it hilarious.

One said: “It gets funnier the longer it goes on.”

Another wrote: “I’ve done the same thing in the exact same place.

“There should be a warning flag there.”

A third added: “That’s a whole lot occurring.”

While another person commented: “I’m glad you dressed in sensible walking clothes.”

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