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Reasons for Attending the Follow Up Check-up

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After your initial visit to the doctor, you might receive a date for your follow up check-up. Your goal is to recover, and when you do, you think it won’t be necessary to come back a second time. The truth is that even if you start to feel better, you must still show up. You can’t miss the appointment. Besides, it’s not easy getting a doctor’s appointment. Hence, it’s in your best interest to be there.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

You will get answers

You might have a sigh of relief when you start to feel better after taking medications. Of course, it helps to take pills to improve your condition. However, you still have questions. Are you no longer at risk of getting ill again? Do you have to continue taking medicines? Your doctor can and will answer these questions. You will also know if the initial diagnosis is correct or if there’s a need for another consultation.

You might have to modify the prescription

Another reason to show up is that your doctor might only offer pills to soothe what you feel. They’re not necessarily going to end the underlying illness. You must come back to modify the prescription. You might even need something stronger to deal with your real health problem. The good thing is if you don’t have time to go to a local pharmacy, you can always go online. You may check out if you wish to order the medicines and have them delivered. As long as you have the prescription, you can buy the pills.

You will discuss the test results

The doctor gave you an initial diagnosis and prescriptions to deal with the surface symptoms during your first visit. However, you also underwent some tests. During the second check-up, the physician will discuss the results. You also have the chance to ask questions regarding the results. You may also receive further prescriptions based on the results.

You will have peace of mind

It doesn’t matter what you feel after the first visit. You still need a conclusive diagnosis. You don’t want to feel good today and have recurring symptoms next time. The second visit will give you peace of mind. You can also put the problem aside.

You can start your path to recovery

If the initial tests turned out to have bad news, you don’t need to worry. The good thing about your second visit is you can start your path to recovery. The physician will explain what’s going on and help you recover. It’s not easy to accept what you have, but it’s better to know it now. Besides, several fatal illnesses became less deadly due to early detection.

You will get a referral

Your doctor will also be honest with you if your illness requires help from another person. Unfortunately, not all doctors are capable of helping you recover from your disease. It might take a specialist or a group of physicians to figure out what’s wrong. But, again, you would rather know it now than wait until it’s too late. You can also receive an easier access to the other doctor if you have a referral.

Maintain a good communication line

Another reason to meet with your doctor isn’t only to treat you for an existing medical condition. It can also be for proactive care. You don’t have to be sick to get the advice of a medical expert. You can maintain an open communication line to ensure that you’re always healthy. If you feel terrible or there’s a recurring problem, you can also open it up. You will feel comfortable having that discussion.

The point is that you can’t take the need for a second check-up for granted. Don’t ignore it and think that it’s your doctor’s way of making money from you. It’s always about your health, and you can’t take it for granted. It would be best to get comprehensive health insurance to make you confident in seeing your doctor.

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