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5 tips to welcome spring

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Winter is definitely saying goodbye, spring is coming. Animals and plants are waking up, so it’s high time we also woke up. We have 5 tips for you to welcome spring.

photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels

1) Spring cleaning and decor

The beginning of spring is an ideal time for general cleaning of the home and garden. After the winter, when the garden was sleeping and we were practically never at home during the day (most of us go to work in the dark and return home after dusk), dust and clutter are suddenly visible.

Therefore it’s necessary to wash and polish the windows, wipe dust off shelves, clean carpets and vacuum and wipe the floors. You can also do curtains and other activities that you do only once or twice a year. You’ll be done and everything will be taken care of for the next season.

Along with general cleaning, you can also decorate your home properly. Hang an Easter wreath on the front door, and a vase of spring flowers on the dining table. For example, try tulips or daffodils.

2) Avoid spring fatigue with quality food

Many of us face spring fatigue after winter. Vitamin deficiency is often a cause. It’s no longer as common as in history, when humanity actually suffered from a loss of fresh food during the winter (today, we can buy practically anything in the store even when there is a metre of snow outside), but it’s still true that the selection of fresh local ingredients that are best for our body, it grows rapidly with spring’s arrival.

Therefore, prepare spring salads with sprouts and shoots and the first spring vegetables. It is also a mistake to buy multivitamins at the pharmacy and also help the body in this way. But primarily try for a natural solution.

3) Take walks to recharge your energy

The sun has finally gained strength and is attracting longer walks. Recharge your life while walking in the sun. If temperatures rise above 20 degrees, try to actively sunbathe and actively “catch” as many sunrays as possible. After the winter, the body needs to supplement the missing vitamin D, and the sun’s rays are needed to produce it.

4) You start working on a swimsuit mould

Another activity that is an integral part of spring is losing the excess pounds or kilos from autumn and winter overeating. The best time is after Easter. Reduce junk food and start to exercise more. You should lose about 0.5 kg per month. With every kilo you lose, you’ll feel better and won’t be able to wait for summer to arrive.

5) Make major life changes

Forget the calendar year. The New Year doesn’t really arrive until the beginning of spring. Therefore, this is the perfect time to fix the things that are bothering you in life. Whether it’s a career shift, weight loss, or a family relationship, positive spring energy can help you meet those goals.

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