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7 of the best new online casino games

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There are many theories about why online casinos have seen such a meteoric rise in popularity in such a relatively short time. The fact that, according to the Gambling Commission, between April and September 2020, remote casinos, gambling and bingo generated £3.1 billion in revenue speaks for itself.

One of the main reasons why the sector continues to attract more and more players is its drive to innovate.

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This comes in two forms: The first is to use the latest technology as soon as it becomes available. For example, this is what has enabled the “live casino” experience. This consists of the live streaming of games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat directly to players’ computers and mobile devices. Its aim has been to both offer a wide range of games and to recreate much of the excitement and ambience of the authentic casino experience.

The second prong of their approach has been to introduce a steady flow of new types of games as well as novel variations on existing ones. The objective is to both provide novelty for existing players and to attract new ones too.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the bigger brands that have the best selection of newer games and 888 casino is a prime example. Here are just seven of the new online casino games that you’ll find on this, and other top casino sites, when you have a look around.

Cash or Crash

In this exciting new ball-drawing game there is a quite ingenious mechanic. The scenario is that you are a passenger in an airship floating high above a city. You begin by paying your stake and the idea is to multiply it as the blimp rises higher in the air. Each time a green or gold ball is drawn you rise up a level. But the round ends when a red one is drawn. The real skill comes in deciding when the best moment is to cash out before a red ball is drawn.

Super Andar Bahar

If you’ve never heard of it before, Andar Bahar is a card game that is very popular in India and played all over the country. Its genius is its extreme simplicity and the fact that it’s played live in online casinos makes it all the more enthralling. The dealer lays down a card, called the Joker, but it’s not actually the joker. Then players have to decide whether a matching card will first be dealt on the inside – the Andar – or the outside – the Bahar – of the Joker. There’s extra interest from the side bet about how many cards will be dealt before a matching pair is created.

Speed Baccarat

A great deal of the appeal of the online casino is that the action is faster than in its brick-and-mortar equivalent. And there’s one game where it’s been accelerated to the maximum. In many games of baccarat, the dealer teases players by lifting up a corner of a card before revealing it to give an idea of what it might be. But Speed Baccarat does away completely with this stage with the cards being revealed the moment they are dealt – making for a far more exciting game.

Sweet Bonanza Candy Land

There’s a real Willy Wonka feel to this game so it’s definitely one for anyone with a sweet tooth! It’s a classic “wheel of fortune” – style game with 54 segments on the wheel. The prize you win depends on being able to predict which segment each spin will stop on and there are also special Sweet Spins and Candy Drop bonuses to look out for as you play.

Safari Riches Live Slot

Here’s a game that brings together two big entertainment favourites – slots games and the excitement of going on the search for zebra, lions and rhinos. The difference with this particular slot is that it’s streamed live and you have the added help of your safari guide there, in person, to explain the bonuses and free spins that are all part of the game.

Deal or No Deal: The Big Draw

For anyone who was a big fan of the hit TV show Deal or No Deal, this is a great way to experience some of its excitement. Hosted by a very professional presenter, it’s a combination of a bingo-style game and the chance to open boxes to reveal your prize. There are many features of the TV show including the Banker’s Deal to tempt you into taking his offer rather than trusting luck.

Guns N’ Roses Video Slot

Slots games come with all kinds of themes to appeal to all kinds of players – and that includes rock fans too. So anyone waiting for Guns N’ Roses to reform (and it looks like it could be a long wait!) can get their kicks with this new slot instead. It has members of the band on the reels as well as a special “setlist” of songs you can listen to as you play the slot including Chinese Democracy, November Rain and, of course, Sweet Child ‘O’ Mine.

So there you have them. Seven exciting new games to check out – and there are bound to be plenty more in the pipeline too, including many set to feature virtual and augmented reality too.

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