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Grieving French bulldog who had stillborn adopts unwanted newborn pups

A GRIEVING French bulldog who miscarried her singleton puppy has adopted a litter of pooches whose owner allegedly asked for them to be put down.

Nakita Wilson and her beloved dog Perrie were both left heartbroken after the four-year-old birthed a stillborn last week.

Depressed by the loss, Perrie refused to eat or leave her bed whilst mourning the loss of her pup.

However, the very next day, 31-year-old Nakita received a call from her vet who asked if she would like to take a litter of unwanted pups that had just been born.

The pups, who were also French bulldogs, were born that day (TUE) but the cruel owner allegedly asked that they be put down due to the length of their tails.

Nakita, from Largs, North Ayrshire, believes the incident was a moment of “fate” and immediately said yes to taking the pups in and introducing them to Perrie.

Perrie has since taken to the four pups like her own and has been able to feed them with the milk she had produced for her own pup.

Nakita, a French bulldog breeder who prides herself in breeding health-tested, fit and functional Frenchies, today said: “She was very sad and howling. When I brought her home she wouldn’t eat and wouldn’t come out of her bed.

“Me and her were both depressed.

“The vet phoned me and started asking how Perrie was after the loss and then said that they had a Frenchie come in for a C-section and that they left the puppies.

“I was just in disbelief that someone would do that in the first place because they don’t have tails.

“I knew that the best chance for the puppies would be to give them a proper mum, and it would make Perrie happy.

“But I was also worried about the puppies because they weren’t from responsible breeders.

“We had come to terms that Perrie wouldn’t have pups but it was just a total U-turn.

“Mothers who have had their own puppies sometimes don’t take to them straight away and she has taken to them straight away.

“She has really embraced being a mum, I think it was fate.

“She was feeding them straight away. They were crying a lot on the first night but after that they settled down.

“Perrie has always been obsessed with puppies and used to try and steal them from other mums.

“She is the most maternal dog I’ve ever known and is so happy she got them.”

Perrie pictured looking delighted with her litter of adopted pups.
Perrie has reportedly taken to the adopted pups like her own. (C) Nakita Wilson

Nakita posted a video on TikTok yesterday (THUR) showing Perrie after suffering the loss of her pup and then meeting her new brood.

She wrote: “There is a reason I surround myself with animals and not humans – humans are vile at times and animals don’t judge.”

The post has now collected a staggering 7.1 million views and more than 800,000 likes in just one day.

Thousands of animal lovers have left comments praising Perrie for how well she has taken to her new pups.

One said: “I’m so glad she got her babies but I feel for the other mum who had them taken away from her. People can be so atrocious.”

Another wrote: “But the other dog is probably mourning her lost pups. I’m glad the babies are safe though.”

A third added: “Poor Perrie, but so happy she has got these little ones to love.

“These pups have landed on their feet having her as their mum.”

Another person commented: “It takes a special mum to adopt puppies immediately! So sorry for your loss, singletons are hard.

“She looks so happy to have munchkins to look after.”

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