Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Woman discovers spider living in her stables sink that “likes to say hi” when she washes her hands

A WOMAN has discovered a spider which lives in her stables sink that “likes to say hi” when she washes her hands.

Louise Steven spotted the friendly funnel web spider scamper out from the sink’s overflow hole when she was washing her hands earlier this month.

The curious arachnid now scuttles out from the hole every time the 31-year-old uses the sink in her stables where she keeps her horse in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

A video shows Louise running the tap in the sink before splashing her hands under the water.

After feeling the vibrations the long legged spider then quickly scampers out from the small hole before disappearing back into the darkness in a flash.

After again feeling the vibrations on its web, the spider, dubbed as Gerald, again emerges from the darkness to inspect what’s happening.

Louise shared her video to TikTok earlier this month, writing: “Meet the yard spider Gerald, he’s a friendly chap.”

The spider pops out to say hello
The spider has been called Gerald and pops out to see people washing their hands. Credit: Louise Steven

The video has now received over 3.1 million views with over 423,000 likes.

Speaking today (MON) Louise said: “I was using the bathroom where I keep my horse and whilst washing my hands a harmless funnel web spider came running out.

“It made me jump at first because I wasn’t expecting it but I have eight tarantulas at home so it made me chuckle and I filmed it to show everyone at the stables.

“I then thought I’d share it on my TikTok because I do a lot of animal education on TikTok and I work trying to help people get over their fears of animals deemed scary by society.

“I started filming me feeding it and then would add voice over to make it sound less scary and more comical.

“I feed a lot of the wildlife up at the stables so it’s just one more tiny mouth to feed and now it has got a little sign to warn people that he’s there.

“If people are scared of spiders they can use the tap outside because most likely he would pop out to say hello as when the water drops vibrate he thinks it is feeding time.”

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