Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Shocking video shows van driver reversing into resident’s wall and tearing it down before driving off

A SHOCKING video shows a blundering van driver reversing into a resident’s wall and tearing it down before immediately driving off.

The dopey driver was captured on CCTV completely destroying the brick wall outside a home in Kingston upon Thames, south west London, last month.

Video shows the white van man pulling up in front of the house before deciding to use the driveway for a three-point-turn.

The vehicle comes dangerously close to the red brick wall as he attempts to reverse into the resident’s driveway.

For a second he appears to have dodged colliding with the brickwork.

But as he turns the van to the left to head in the other direction the van catches on the edge of the wall.

A huge section of the wall then tears away and comes crashing onto the ground along with one side of the black iron gate.

The driver then drives off leaving the destruction behind for the owner to find.

The resident shared the video on TikTok last month, writing: “The best London driver.”

The clip has now collected over 1.3 million views and over 900 comments from social media users who were shocked by the clip.

Van knocking wall over
The driver didn’t hesitate before leaving the scene.

One user said: “Did they really just drive off?”

Another wrote: “Poor driving but I hope whoever built that wall didn’t build the house.”

A third added: “Well that wall was built on a Friday.”

A fourth commented: “At least you got the reg and it on camera.”

The resident told viewers that the driver just drove off after the incident.


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