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EntertainmentLiam Gallagher fan accidently brings his washing line to Knebworth gig

Liam Gallagher fan accidently brings his washing line to Knebworth gig

A DOPEY-DAD mistakenly took his portable washing line to a Liam Gallagher concert thinking it was a camping seat.

Paul Bennett didn’t realise his blundering mix up before travelling to see the Mancunian artist at the Knebworth festival in Hertfordshire on Saturday.

When leaving his home on the Isle of Wight the 50-year-old grabbed what he believed to be two camping chairs from his campervan.

Paul Bennet was shocked when he realised his hilarious mistake.

However, Paul was completely unaware that he had taken a key piece of his garden furniture to see the Oasis star.

Paul and his daughter Kaisha, 25, were left in stitches after pulling the washing line out for a perch whilst the pair enjoyed their first beer of the festival.

Kaisha shared the hilarious image to Twitter on Saturday, writing: “Only my dad would bring what he thought was a camping chair all the way to Knebworth for Liam Gallagher – but it turns out it’s actually a washing line.”

The post has now collected over 78,000 likes with more than 1,000 comments and 3,800 retweets from users who were left in stitches by the image.

One member wrote: “My dad once took what he thought was his mobile phone to work and it turned out to be the TV remote control – I think it’s just a dad thing.”

Another added : “Sorry but this is the funniest, I’m in stitches.”

A third member said: “Brilliant! Give that man a round of applause, and a chair.”

One user commented: “Once I thought I had taken the bag with a tent, but there was only a flysheet in it.”

Clare Turner said: “We once went camping after a few years, took the tent out of the bag and it disintegrated into dust. We had to sleep in the van.”

Speaking today, Kaisha said: “My dad went to his campervan and grabbed a loose chair and what he thought was the other chair in a blue case to put in the van that we were taking.

“He didn’t realise until we got to Knebworth.

“We set the tent up in the campsite and just opened the case to sit down and have a beer and realised it was a washing line.

“I thought it was really funny so I put it on Twitter but we did not realise we would have this response.

“It’s made our weekend really.

“We are glad it’s made people laugh as much as we’ve been laughing all weekend.

“The washing line stayed in the tent overnight and made its way back to the Isle of Wight!”

Liam Gallagher was playing two nights at Knebworth to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Oasis’ era-defining gigs at the popular festival.

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