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Hilarious video shows dog getting caught red-pawed by owner

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a mischievous dog was caught in the act while ripping his bed to pieces.

Italian greyhound Arlo was caught on camera looking guilty as sin when his owner Garry Mill shouted “oi” through their home security camera last week.

The one-year-old pooch thought he could get away with shredding the bed while his owners were away – unaware he was being watched the whole time.

The clip shows Arlo bouncing around excitedly in the living room in Carnoustie, Angus.

He makes light work of his snoozing place as he rips open the beige and black bed to grab the contents in his mouth.

After logging into the security cam app, Garry decided to quickly speak out on the microphone after becoming worried that Arlo would start eating the fluff.

After shouting “oi” loudly, Arlo’s face looks priceless as he immediately looks up to the camera with the fluff still in his mouth, stunned that he has been caught.

The look of guilt is clear on his face before he quickly flees the scene and jumps across to the sofa before the video comes to an end.

Owners Garry, 36, and Chelsea, 30, posted the video onto a TikTok account they set up to show off Arlo’s antics on Friday.

The clip has since attracted over 3m views and over 428,000 likes.

Garry and his mischievous pooch, Arlo. (c) Garry Mill

Thousands of amused viewers left comments after finding Arlo’s reaction hilarious.

One said: “He still has fluff in his mouth, I’m dying, how funny.”

Another simply replied: “Busted!”

A third said: “He’s like ‘I’ve been busted I can’t blame it on anyone this time.’”

And a fourth wrote: “Omg I can’t stop laughing.”

While one person commented: “The look on his face was absolutely precious and adorable.”

Speaking today, Chelsea said: “He’s usually really well behaved in the house on his own as he’s never left for too long. But he had been digging his bed for a few months now.

“We had never needed to talk to him on the camera before, but Garry was scared that he was going to eat the fluff that was coming out of the bed so decided to shout.

“It was hilarious, he was in shock. He didn’t go back to it after Garry shouted.

“Italian greyhounds usually have the reputation of being quite naughty. He’s so good usually but he has his moments, which are usually hilarious.”

In another heart-warming moment, Garry dressed Arlo in a tuxedo in April before proposing to Chelsea.

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