Thursday, July 7, 2022
NewsShocked holidaymakers watch soaked suitcases in sea after cruise

Shocked holidaymakers watch soaked suitcases in sea after cruise

HOLIDAYMAKERS were left shocked after spotting a cluster of suitcases bobbing around in the sea after they rolled off a cruise liner.

Ally Day and the rest of the passengers spotted the floating cases while waiting to get off the P&O Cruises’ Ventura ship in Southampton on Saturday.

The 30-year-old warehouse worker watched on as lifeboats were dispatched to help rescue around 20 soggy cases belonging to holidaymakers.

Around 20 soggy cases had to be retrieved. (c) Ally Day

Images show various pieces of luggage floating around the murky grey water as a team on an orange and white lifeboat tries to retrieve them.

Another image shows the collection of soaking wet suitcases perched at the side of the deck where streams of water is shown seeping from beneath them.

P&O has since confirmed that the cases plummeted in the ocean after a luggage hoist snapped.

They managed to recover most of their customers‘ belongings apart from three cases which disappeared into the sea.

Ally posted a video about the incident on TikTok on Sunday, writing: “When you’re waiting to get off your cruise and spot 20 cases in the sea. Bad times for these guys.”

The post has since collected over 190,000 views and comments from shocked social media users.

One said: “Omg if that was my bag I’d be furious.”

Another added: “What about the ones that sank?”

The cases plummeted into the water after a luggage hoist snapped. (c) Ally Day

A third wrote: “How does that even happen?”

While a fourth commented: “It would be a bit soggy.”

Speaking today, Ally said: “They take the cases off 20 at a time via a hoist.

“I spoke to a member of staff and they said the hoist had snapped sending 20 cases into the sea with only 10 being recovered.

“At first we just laughed as we carried our cases off, but then we realised that’s people’s belongings and we felt bad for them.”

A spokeswoman for P&O Cruises today said: “We swiftly put our protocols in place to recover the luggage and we have been in touch with all affected guests to apologise and advise on follow up contact.”

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