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Happy feet: Penguin channels inner artist for fundraising campaign

A PENGUIN living on the Cornish coast has channeled his inner artist this week as part of a charity fundraising campaign to secure his home’s future for years to come.

Squidge, from the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, near Helston, debuted his painting career with his first canvas of work – a rendition of colourful penguin footprints – as part of his daily enrichment activities with the animal care team.

The activities help animals like Squidge, who is a permanent resident at the wildlife charity, to remain engaged and active, as well as encouraging them to exhibit natural behaviours.

His painting sessions were fully approved by the sanctuary’s veterinary specialists, with paint used certified as pet and child friendly, non-toxic and completely washable.

Squidge stands alongside his painting, held by two animal carers.
Squidge’s first painting is a canvas of colourful footprints, which is on auction right now.

Now, the bird’s artwork is being auctioned off as part of the Fund Our Future campaign, which is hoping to raise £1.3m to redevelop four pools on the iconic sanctuary site.

Animal Care Specialist Polly Frier says: “We’re always looking for new ways to keep our animal residents at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary curious, active and enriched on a daily basis.

“Painting with Squidge is a voluntary activity and just one way we boost his stimulation as part of his regular care routine – and the results are pretty spectacular.

“If you’ve never seen art by a penguin before, it’s just as beautiful and chaotic as it sounds, and it absolutely captures Squidge’s cheeky personality.”

This Humboldt penguin has a unique story, after being born at the sanctuary four years ago.

While his parents, Gilbert and Lola, are still on-site, they were unable to properly care for him, meaning Squidge was subsequently hand-reared by the team.

Today, the sanctuary describe him as “a confident penguin who loves to get involved with everything his can get his flippers on” – and is one of the most popular residents on-site.

His latest talent comes as no surprise to the animal care team, who claim they always knew Squidge had a creative side just bursting to be free.

Polly said: “Watching Squidge unveil his inner artist has been truly inspiring.

“They say creativity takes courage, and we’ve loved seeing Squidge embrace this new side of himself.”

The A1 canvas has Squidge’s official stamp for authenticity and is now available to bid on here.

Every penny will go towards building state-of-the-art pools at the sanctuary, securing the charity’s future while placing animal welfare at the centre of everything they do.

Polly added: “Being able to support the Fund Our Future campaign with Squidge’s artwork is incredibly exciting for us – it’s not often you get the opportunity to own a piece of art that was made by a penguin.”

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