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Scots mum traumatised after ‘out of control Akita rips chunks of flesh from dog’s neck’

A SCOTS mum has been left traumatised after an out-of-control Akita grabbed her dog by the neck and threw him around like a rag doll.

Karen Waddington was out with Staffordshire bull terrier Buster in Hawick, Scottish Borders, on Tuesday when the incident happened.

The 47-year-old said a large white Akita came running around the corner and instantly targeted her 12-year-old pooch.

The mum-of-five watched on in horror as the aggressive dog grabbed Buster by the neck and viciously threw him around.

Scots mum traumatised after 'out of control Akita rips chunks of flesh from dog's neck'
Staffordshire bull terrier Buster before he got attacked by the uncontrolled Akita. (C) Karen Waddington

A neighbour then ran out of their nearby house and tried hitting the dog so it would release the other dog.

However, the relentless attacker only finally let go of the injured dog when its male owner emerged on the scene.

Distressing images show Buster’s fur covered in blood after his neck was completely ripped open.

Another image shows Buster post-operation showing his neck stitched back together.

Karen reported the incident to the police and the SSPCA but claimed there is nothing they can do as the dog didn’t attack a human.

Speaking today, Karen said: “That day as normal we checked there were no dogs around whatsoever.

“As soon as I let him off the lead a huge white Akita came around the corner on an retractable lead.

“It happened in a flash.

“He was getting thrown around like a rag doll by his neck.

“He had flesh ripped out of him, it was laying on the grass.

“I remember saying, ‘he’s going to kill him, he’s going to kill him.

“I was screaming.

“There was blood and fur going everywhere.

“A neighbour came to help and was punching it but it wouldn’t let go.

“The woman whose dog it was ran to go and get her husband and didn’t come back.

“Then this guy in an orange vest came around the corner and shouted at the Akita and it dropped Buster.

“After an operation he got a drain put in his shoulder to let fluid out and was on ketamine for three days.

“SSPCA will not do anything about this and the police said they couldn’t do anything about it.

“What if it was a child?

“I am traumatised.

“He’s such a sweet and adorable dog, I hope this won’t change him.”

Out of control Akita rips out chuncks of flesh from dog's neck.
Out of control Akita rips out chunks of flesh from a bull terrier’s neck. (C) Karen Waddington

Karen shared distressing images of Buster’s injuries on Facebook on Wednesday, writing: “Caution graphic pictures, but just a wee update on Buster.

“As you can see he’s the biggest softy around, then the two photos after that were right after the attack, and the last two were the ones the vet had to do.

“He has had a drain put in, extensive wounds that all connect together.

“The vet said he is a very lucky boy as the Akita missed all the important vessels.

“He is in agony, hasn’t touched any water since but is hopefully on the mend now.

“Thank you to all who were concerned, I don’t think myself or Buster will get this out of our memories.”

The post has now collected hundreds of comments from viewers who were shocked by the alleged attack.

Jill Mitchell said: “Oh my god, poor wee soul. I hope he recovers soon, bless him.

“This makes me so angry, this is what happens when the wrong people own Akitas, it’s so sad.

“It should never have happened, just awful.”

Valerie Jubb said: “That is horrendous – an awful thing to happen and witness. I’m hoping Buster recovers – give him a gentle hug from me.”

Linda Mackie, believed to have witnessed the attack, said: “It’s terrible, I thought someone was being murdered.”

Susan MacRae said: “My heart goes out to you both! What a frightening experience for you and your beautiful boy!

“I wish him and you a speedy recovery from your awful ordeal.”

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