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Tips For Hiring The Right Builder For Your Project

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Building your dream home can be an exciting process, but it also has its fair share of stressors and worries. After all, in addition to ensuring that you have the correct design in mind, you’ll also need to find the right builder to make that design a reality. With so many builders in London out there promising great service, quality, and results, how do you know which one to hire? Here are tips to help you hire the right builder for your project.

? Consider Your Building Requirements.

Before contacting any builders, you should list everything you want to be built. This includes room dimensions, materials used, and costs associated with things like permits and licenses. Be sure to check into zoning laws and building codes for your area as well. You’ll also want to consider what condition you want your building in when it’s complete. Do you have power lines running through or near your property? Are there asbestos or other hazardous materials issues that must be taken care of first? It can be very difficult to plan around these things if they’re not factored into your project from day one.

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  • Get References From Previous Clients

Looking at a builder’s track record before committing to anything is important. You can check reviews, call past clients and find out what their overall experience was with working with them. References from previous customers are always worth checking because they give insight into how a company operates and how it treats customers who aren’t paying for services yet. A good contractor won’t be shy about providing references—and that’s a good sign.

  • Ask Whether They Do Revisions

While some home builders and custom remodelers may be happy to give you a fixed price for your project, many are willing to offer a guesstimate based on your description of what you need. You’ll need to ask if that’s true before putting together a plan for them. Don’t be shy about asking–this is valuable information, whether you’re deciding between builders or comparing bids from one builder against another. In either case, get it in writing as part of their bid or as part of an addendum where they write a more formal contract. Make sure that they include cost and timing in their revision clause, so there aren’t any surprises later on when things start getting done.

  • Check Their License And Insurance

One of your most important—and legally binding—duties is ensuring that the builders you hire are licensed and have insurance. If you’re going with a bigger, established firm, check for both on their website or with your state’s relevant authorities.

If you’re hiring a local builder who’s not in business, start by asking them to provide you with a certificate of liability insurance so that if something goes wrong on-site, you’re covered. Many companies will also request that you pay by check; if they refuse any other payment method, it should be an immediate red flag and tip-off that something might be amiss. A licensed builder should be a priority.

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