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Sidd Mahajan London: redefining real estate market in the UK

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Sub heading – Biography of Sidd Mahajan

Introduction- Siddharth Mahajan

Real estate market is one of the most lucrative across the world and one needs to be highly educated about it and carry substantial information to invest in one. Real estate businessman Siddharth Mahajan  pursued his dreams that led him to the UK from India and rendered him successful in the hospitality arena. With a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and work experience with some of the finest entities of the industry, Sidd Mahajan today is a seasoned player and has taken his housing venture Tulip Real Estate to great heights of success in an impressively short period of time.  Today, Sidd Mahajan London is one of the sharpest businessmen in the realty sector under 40 years of age.

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Siddharth Mahajan reached this mark solely owing to his hard work, determination, a fiercely supportive team, honesty, and integrity.  At Tulip Real Estate, he makes sure they are in front of all the latest technology and elite mastermind groups to ensure they provide clients every advantage when it comes to their home needs. The culture allows every member of the team to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, encourage each other’s talents, and celebrate success along the way. Sidd Mahajan London redefined the real estate market in London.

Facts about Sidd Mahajan London

Full nameSiddharth Mahajan
Nick NameSidd
Place of ResidenceLondon, UK
ProfessionReal Estate Entrepreneur
Marital StatusMarried
Wife’s NameNikkita Mahajan
Childrens’ NamesAarav & Tulip Mahajan
EducationBachelors’ Degree in Hotel Management & 3 Years International Diploma in Hospitality
InstituteOriental School of Hotel Management, Kerala & American Hotel & Lodging Association in Honors.
Work ExperienceOberoi Rajvilas, Thistle Marble Arch, Tulip Group

Academic Qualification of Sidd Mahajan London

Born and brought up in India, Sidd Mahajan London is a young individual who keenly pursued a career in the hospitality industry and traveled across oceans to find the right direction for his passion. Sidd Mahajan London completed a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from Oriental School of Hotel Management, Kerala, and 3 years International Diploma in Hospitality from American Hotel and Lodging Association in Honors.  He was the first student from college to get Campus Placement at Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur. He joined the Rajvilas in 2002 (6 months before he had finished his degree) and returned to college in April 2003 for his final semester.

His stint at the luxury hotel lasted 2 years and earned him a great appreciation for his sincere hospitality services. This marked an extraordinary beginning of Siddharth Mahajan’s career. After having worked and been associated with some big names like Oberoi Rajvilas and Thistle Marble Arch, Sidd Mahajan ventured off to London to build a stronger foundation in the business, as the Hotel Industry in India was still in its nascent stage.

Career Establishment

Siddharth Mahajan took a major entrepreneurial leap thereafter by leasing a hotel for 25 years and converting it into a boutique hotel. He made sure that Customer Service and proximity to the station would be prominent features in the hotel designed to serve emigrants traveling for work. One of the key projects and achievements in Siddharth’s career has been the acquisition of a guest house, which he strategically envisioned as a boutique hotel. The Shephard’s Bush Boutique hotel took shape and later went on to win the Luxury Boutique Hotel of the Year 2016 and Business Excellence Award by Corporate Insider in 2018. The boutique hotel was designed to give an exclusive feel and top-notch hospitality to guests, in line with some of the top hotels that Sidd Mahajan London has previously worked with.
Sidd Mahajan London has revolutionized the real estate market with Tulip Real Estate.

As a promising Indian entrepreneur, Sidd Mahajan quickly established a prominent housing business in London and became the proud owner of Tulip Hotels, which went on to develop as a private, diversified property group in several segments in the UK. Sidd Mahajan London is renowned for excellence in quality of design and service delivery in the ultimate creation of high-quality properties to satisfy every client’s requirement.

Tulip Real Estate

Tulip Hotels & Real Estate Ltd was established in 2011 to offer serviced apartments to travelers looking for long-term accommodation options in the UK. Siddharth Mahajan first transformed his personal properties into HMOs to gauge if the concept was feasible. The outcome was amazing. The response received from customers was strong enough for him to take the business one step further and he thus invested in several properties to be let out as serviced apartments. These apartments were fully functional and fully equipped with gas, electricity, water, cable, and internet connections making the process of house-hunting easier.  

In a short span of 11 years, Tulip Hotels and Real Estate Ltd. came a long way as today it stands at 92 Million Assets. It is one of the first few companies to implement and get 50 HMO Licenses in the Redbridge Council. Furthermore, in 2015, Sidd Mahajan purchased Mansfield Road Block and Gants Hill Block and added them to inventory, followed by his investment in New Builds in Greater London and Essex Areas and government-affiliated with the Help to Buy Scheme, in 2016. Tulip Real estate also acquired more residential blocks for rental purposes as well as New Build residential development sites before turning into the epitome of success it is today. In the pandemic, under Siddharth Mahajan’s leadership, Tulip Hotels & Real Estate was appointed as Managing Agent and Preferred Housing Partner with the Local Government Authority.

Business Acumen

All his career, he had seen business executives and students who traveled regularly seeking accommodation options that gave them not only the comfort of a room but also the feeling of home. It was important to the weary travelers that they feel at home wherever they are. Keeping these things in mind, Siddharth Mahajan decided to start a new concept in the hospitality sector — Houses in Multiple Occupations HMOs. The idea was amazing. A house with all necessary furnishing and comfort let out to different people at the same time. He started by converting his own properties into HMOs.

While there are many examples in business to show that education does not amount to anything or guarantee success, Sidd Mahajan London does agree that education gives you the leverage and the courage to go out there and explore multiple possibilities. If not for the skills Sidd Mahajan learned during his college, he might not have identified the gaps in the industry and set out to conceive an idea to solve the gap. However, he also realizes and recognizes the importance of courage and conviction to himself in running a business successfully and creating a formidable brand.

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