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What Does It Take To Get Your Pilot’s License? Jeremy Berman a Put-In-Bay Local Explains

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Many kids dream of getting their pilot’s license one day–but few take the steps as an adult to do what it takes to experience the feeling of soaring through the sky. Here, Jeremy Berman, a Put-In-bay local explains exactly what it takes to get your pilot’s license so you can fulfill your childhood dreams of flying a plane.

Find Out If You’re Eligible

Not everyone is qualified to become a pilot, and the first step in moving forward with getting your pilot’s license is to determine your eligibility status. In order to qualify for the process of getting your pilot’s license, you need to be at least 17 years old and able to speak, read, and understand English.

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Get Medically Certified

If you’re eligible to become a pilot, your next step toward getting your license is to get your student pilot certificate. You’ll need to make an appointment with an aviation medical examiner to ensure that you’re physically fit to fly a plane. Upon successful completion of your aviation medical exam, you’ll get both your aviation medical certificate and your student pilot certificate, according to Jeremy Berman a Put-In-Bay local.

Find An Instructor and Take the FAA Written Exam

After you’ve completed your aviation medical exam, it’s time to find an instructor or flight school who will teach you the ins and outs of soaring through the sky. You’ll need to work with your instructor or flight school within their requirements to take the FAA exam. Some instructors require that all students pass the exam before they begin flying, while others allow students to practice flying while they study for the exam.

Log Practice Hours

Before you schedule your check ride, you’ll need to log plenty of practice hours to ensure that you’re ready to pilot a plane. You’ll start off with at least ten hours of riding with a licensed pilot where you learn the ins and outs of flight. After your ten hours are complete, you’re eligible to pilot solo, according to Jeremy Berman a Put-In-Bay resident. You’ll need to log at least 40 practice flight hours before you’re eligible to take your check ride test.

Take The Checkride

Also known as the FAA practical exam, the check ride ensures that you’re fully prepared to safely pilot a plane. You’ll go through both a verbal and flight exam. The exact length of your exam will depend on your instructor. Generally, you can expect your check ride to take between two and six hours.

Get Your License

After you successfully complete your check ride, you’ll pay a fee, fill out FAA paperwork, and receive a temporary private pilot certificate before your official certificate arrives in the mail, according to Jeremy Berman.

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