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Bizarre video shows brazen woman ‘stealing hanging flower basket from outside resident’s house’

A BIZARRE video shows a brazen woman ‘stealing a hanging flower basket from a resident’s front garden’.

Raf Ali was shocked after spotting the strange incident on his Ring doorbell camera last week.

Video shows the woman walking casually along the pavement in Birmingham, West Midlands, with her eyes on the hanging basket.

She swiftly walks through Raf’s open gate and stretches over to the plants to the left of the front door and unhooks it from the metal hanger.

The woman then walks right up towards the front door before stretching over towards the hanging basket before walking away.

Cupping the bottom of the pot she then saunters off along the street before the clip comes to an end.

Raf posted the video on Facebook last week, writing: “Please be aware of this lady. She took my flower basket from my front garden while I was out.”

Viewers were shocked by the strange incident.

Imani Lipi Begum said: “You can’t have anything nice for yourself anymore, it gets taken off you by opportunists like her. That’s me being polite.”

Faizal Quraishi said: “What is actually wrong with people?”

Wajid Hussain said: “Someone took mine too.”

Sue Broomes said: “We’ve used plastic ties on our hanging baskets to deter thieves like her, it’s so dishonest.”

Woman taking flower basket
The woman wandered off with the basket in broad daylight.

Saam Khan said: “Unfortunately this woman has an accomplice, they’re going around Sparkbrook and robbing baskets.

“My mum’s got robbed last week but she got it back after chasing them.”

Speaking today, Raf said: “We left the house to go shopping.

“She came, took the basket and just walked off.

“I didn’t notice until a friend walked past and asked me where it was.

“I was so angry, I spent a lot of time planting the flowers and watering it.

“It’s disgusting.

“It’s happened to quite a few people. I think she’s selling them for £5 or £10.

“People spend a lot of time and effort and then she just goes and robs it.

“I feel disgusted that people would buy them.”

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