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Skin-crawling image shows “tens of thousands” of midges caught in a trap on a Scots island

A SKIN-CRAWLING image shows “tens of thousands” of midges caught on a bug trap on a Scots Island.

Sheena Campbell emptied the trap last week after collecting the mass of bloodthirsty creatures outside her home on the Isle of Skye for just one month.

One image shows a massive bag of the once ravenous beasties which have now met their demise.

The bag appears to be dense with midges where they have all clumped into a huge dark grey pile.

Midge trap catches tens of thousands of beasties
Sheena hasn’t had a single midge bite this year as a result of the trap.

Sheena, 69, estimated she had caught tens of thousands of midges and praised her haul adding that she hasn’t received a single midge bite this year.

The retiree later disposed of the mass critter collection in her compost pile.

Sheena shared the image to Facebook last week writing: “My midge machine has caught these in a month.”

Dozens of users were glad to see such a successful catch.

Liron Chen siad: “Seeing so many of them dead makes me feel peaceful and content.”

Alex Fletcher said: “Wow! I can’t wait to see next month’s haulage.”

Ciona Bosworth said: “Mmm coffee.”

David Thom said: “Wonder if you could make a burger with them. Just saying, they’re no use going to waste.”

Carrie Burford said: “A murder of midges? That looks like a nightmare amount. I thought our pterodactyl-sized mosquitoes in Alaska were bad but this looks so much worse because they’re so tiny.”

Geoffrey Francis Carlin said: “Apparently a square foot of heath produces about 500,000 of the little horrors per year so you may have a square foot there and plenty more where they came from!”

Ally Marshall said: “Mix with fat and make fat balls for the birds.”

Speaking today Sheena said: “Even here on Skye some people say they dont work but I’ve always found them successful.

“You’re not supposed to put them where you’re going to be because it attracts them.

“I was getting bitten going from my house to my car.

“It attracts all the females and within a few months it’s meant to interrupt the mating cycle.

“I’ve not had one bite this year.

“Every year I’ve noticed a difference, it’s marvellous.

“I’ve had one for 15 years.

“I was delighted to show people visiting my house what my midge trap had caught.”

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