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“Imagine getting this upset by a cake” – IKEA customer trolled online after complaining about rainbow LGBT+ cake

AN IKEA customer has been trolled online after complaining about the retailer’s rainbow LGBT+ cake.

Johnathan Hillhead’s online post to the Swedish retailer last week spectacularly backfired after he was mocked for being offended by a cake.

Hillhead, from Leeds, said that people don’t want to see adverts for their multi-coloured LGBT+ cake while waiting in a queue for meatballs.

He also advised the furniture company to focus on selling food and home furnishings and to “knock the politics on the head”.

Picture of advert for LGBT+ inspired cake in IKEA.
Hillhead took to Facebook complain, featuring this image of the advert and advising IKEA to ‘knock politics on the head’.

The complaint has since been inundated with almost 600 comments from social media users ridiculing the IKEA shopper for taking issue with the Pride-inspired cake.

Posting an image on Facebook of the cake being advertised in one of the IKEA stores, Hillhead wrote: “IKEA do you honestly think people want to see this garbage in the cue for meatballs, do me and millions like me a favour, stick to selling food and furniture and knock politics on the head.”

Almost all of the responses on the post were against Johnathan’s views.

Mark Holland said: “You’re shouting at a cake, Johnathan.”

Steve Wards said: “Imagine getting this upset by a cake. Absolute melt lmao.”

Katie Richardson said: “The rainbow cake made him feel funny in his meatballs.”

Melanie Charlotte said: “Imagine being so fragile you’re offended at the sight of a brightly coloured cake. The utter embarrassment of it.”

Kirk Allan said: “I’m sorry a cake was so mentally damaging to you.”

Others shared memes including one from Debbie Miller-Barlow which says:” Okay, that backfired.”

Amy Allen said: “Ahh, the joyous people who take grievances in sunshine and rainbows.”

Many Facebook users tagged dairy company, Arla, into the post after spotting that he had them listed as his employer.

However, a spokesman for the company today said: “We are aware of the comments made on social media by this individual who claims to work for us.

“We do not have any employee by that name, nor do we have any record of this person ever working for us in the past.

“The comments made do not in any way represent the views of Arla Foods as a company, and we are therefore continuing to investigate this with great urgency.”

IKEA released their LGBT+ rainbow cake, with all profits going towards LGBT+ charity ‘Switchboard’.

A spokesperson for IKEA today said: “At IKEA we believe that equality is a basic human right, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, and we’re passionate about ensuring that all LGBT+ people feel safe and are free to be themselves.

“Everybody has the right to be themselves and we will always stand with and support the LGBT+ community.

“This year, we’re elevating our support with the introduction of a limited-edition LGBT+ rainbow cake.

“100% of profits will be donated to @switchboardlgbt, one of the UK’s longest running charities serving the LGBT+ community, who provides a safe and confidential listening service and support helpline.

“Until today, the cake has raised £24,000 in the UK and £1,500 in Ireland.”

Hillhead has been approached for comment.

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