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Top StoriesEasyJet customer claims her luggage got send to Santorini without her

EasyJet customer claims her luggage got send to Santorini without her

AN EASYJET customer has been left fuming after claiming her luggage got sent away on holiday to Santorini without her.

Sidonie Hill said that airline staff told her at the gate that a car had crashed into the original plane that was due to fly passengers from Gatwick to Santorini on Friday.

She claims the airline had to move customers to a smaller plane – but some of the passengers were told there was now not enough seats for them all to go.

Sidonie Hill
The Sidonie waited for four hours to collect her luggage, which had already travelled to Greece without her.

The 25-year-old from Nottingham was told she wouldn’t be on the flight but then dealt another blow that her luggage had flown to Greece without her.

Luckily the beauty technician managed to book herself into another flight from Manchester the following day.

She was then reunited with her luggage at Santorini Airport.

Sidonie posted about her experience on TikTok on Saturday, writing: “Cheers to having a cancelled flight and lost luggage!”

The clip has attracted over 2,000 views and dozens of comments.

One said: “I had chased mine for five days last week. My luggage arrived the night before I was leaving.”

Sidonie replied: “My luggage is in Santorini, unfortunately I am not.”

Another person wrote: “I hate it when airports lose my luggage.”

A third commented: “Omg stop it, no what?”

Speaking today, Sidonie said: “We got to the boarding gate and they said that the flight had been downgraded and that 39 people couldn’t fly, but we still all had to queue up and wait to get to the front to find out if we were able to board.

“They said we couldn’t and asked us to stand to the side with around 60 people and then they shouted peoples names out for the remaining people, it was shocking.

“They then didn’t take our luggage off the flight and our suitcases were left on the plane.

“They told us that a ‘car’ had hit the aircraft, I’m not sure how true that was.

EasyJet luggage
Sidonie thankfully managed to relocate her luggage in Santorini.

“They said they had to downgrade the plane to a smaller one because of the ‘accident’.

“We overheard the easyJet boarding staff say the same thing to three more flights after us.

“We had to collect our suitcases from Santorini Airport when we were able to get a flight on Saturday afternoon but we had to travel to Manchester.

“Luckily I live in Nottingham but had already travelled three and a half hours to go to Gatwick on Friday.

“We had no way of tracking the cases to make sure they were there and the easyJet staff couldn’t confirm if they were actually on or not.

“We waited four hours once we were told we couldn’t fly on the Friday for them to offload our cases but they never arrived.”

An Easyjet spokesperson said: “We are very sorry for Ms Hill’s experience. Unfortunately some passengers were unable to travel on their flight EZY8765 from London Gatwick to Santorini on 1 July as the aircraft due to operate the flight was delayed overnight and had to be replaced by a smaller aircraft.

“In these circumstances we always endeavour to seek volunteers in advance who are willing not to travel in exchange for compensation and alternative travel arrangements, however this was not possible on this occasion and we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused and for the delay in reuniting Ms Hill with her luggage.

“Those who were unable to travel were assisted with alternative arrangements or provided with a refund as well as compensation.”

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