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Jet2 hop to the rescue and put boy’s beloved bunny on flight back to the UK – alongside its own boarding pass

JET2 hopped to the rescue after a young boy lost his beloved bunny in Mallorca – by putting the soft toy on a flight back to the UK with its own boarding pass.

Little Louis Tennant was over the moon on Wednesday when he was finally reunited with his favourite toy Bunbun, a day before his first birthday.

Louis and his parents Jenny Wilkinson, 30, and Shaun Tennant, 40, had flown out on a family holiday to Spain on June 4 – along with Bunbun.

Louis with Bunbun.
Louis with Bunbun.

But after arriving at their hotel, they quickly realised that Louis toy, which has Louis’ name embroidered into its ear, was nowhere to be seen.

They believed Bunbun had been lost somewhere between Palma Airport and their hotel.

The tot from Wakefield, West Yorkshire has had the bunny since he was first born and uses it for comfort when going to sleep so had been lost without him.

Weeks later, Jet2 sales worker Ivonne McLachlan, 55, came across the adorable teddy in the lost and found area at the airport.

She posted a photograph of the lost bunny on social media where thousands of people shared it to find its owner.

A Jet2 pilot then offered to fly the bunny back to the UK on his flight, with his own boarding pass and suitcase, before Bunbun was delivered back home to Louis.

An adorable image shows Louis looking delighted as he cuddled into Bunbun this week.

Speaking today, mum Jenny said: “Louis received Bunbun as a gift when he was born from one of my best friends Stevie.

Bunbun with Jet2 pilot
Bunbun with the pilot on his flight home.

“He very quickly became one of Louis’ favourite soft toys and started using him for comfort and at bed time or whenever he slept. We took him places with us so Louis could cuddle him to feel safe.

“It was our first family holiday abroad, so even though the airport experience was good considering the circumstances, it was all still quite hectic on the other side.

“Between getting off the plane and getting the tax, we somehow misplaced Bunbun but only realised once we got to our hotel so assumed we had left him in the taxi.

“We were very upset and frustrated as Bunbun was Louis’ comfort, especially after a long tiring morning.

“Shaun was tagged by one of his Facebook friends on the post asking if this was our Louis’, to which of course we were both in absolute shock but so happy.

“The concern and love from everyone was heartwarming and overwhelming. Of course, Louis had no idea, but we knew he was going to be so happy.

“She is the reason he was found and looked after so well and we want to thank her for care and dedication.

“It was lovely to see Louis’ little face. He was so happy to be reunited with him.”

Ivonne, who has worked in Palma for four seasons, said: “Because the bunny had the baby’s name and date of birth engraved, I knew he was a special bunny.

“Once the stuff in the lost and found has been unclaimed for a few months it goes to a charity shop. I didn’t want this bunny going there.

“After finding the baby through Facebook, I asked my bosses at Jet2 whether it’d be possible to send Bunbun back on one of our aircrafts.

“I’ve sent things like wallets and phones via post before, but didn’t want to take that chance with Bunbun in case he got lost

“While I was asking my bosses about this, one of our pilots had seen the bunny post on social media and private messaged me to say he was the first officer of our aircraft going from Mallorca to Leeds the next day and was willing to take the bunny on his aircraft”

Bunbun carried to his flight
Bunbun about to board his flight home.

“I didn’t realise how many people would take this story to their hearts. It’s been amazing to watch.

“It has restored my faith in humans after what has been a very challenging year at the airport.”

Ivonne has been documenting Bunbun’s journey on Facebook where she has been inundated with kind messages from social media users.

Christine Attewell said: Absolutely precious. Oh bless, Baby Louis looks so happy and clearly loves his bunny.”

Suzy Jayne said: This story is a godsend right now, that’s for sure, with what’s happening in the world. A real, true, happy story.I’m actually crying, bunny and child reunited.”

Suzanne Miles said: “This is such a cute story, I’ve loved following it.

“It’s so nice to read happy things for a change rather than all the moaning and depressing stories we’re constantly seeing! Louis looks very happy to be reunited.”

Debbie Horton said: “Absolutely brilliant. Bunny reunited with Louis. Well done Jet2.

“I’ve loved being updated on bunny progress. A very happy birthday to you Louis.”

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