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Prison mental health nurse struck off for penning raunchy letters to inmate

A PRISON mental health nurse has been struck off after penning raunchy letters to an inmate and former patient writing she can’t wait to “s**g like f**k.”

Cheryl Sutcliffe was also found to have let a prisoner kiss and touch her without challenge whilst employed at Her Majesty’s Prison Leeds in May 2018.

The nurse resigned just weeks after she was suspended in September 2018 following the prison’s investigation into the incident.

Cheryl Sutcliffe resigned from HMP Leeds in 2018 following her suspension.

The investigation also alleged that Miss Sutcliffe regularly went into patients’ cells and closed the door to engage in flirtatious behaviour.

However, following her resignation the former mental health nurse began sending “sexually motivated” letters to one inmate.

She wrote to the prisoner: “I can’t wait to get my hands on you you naughty little f****r.

“And if you started s******g a nurse in there I’d be well f****d off haha I’d want to kill you, although I wouldn’t say owt, but I don’t want you doing owt like that before I’ve had a chance to get my hands on you.

“Then me and you are going and all we are going to do is just shag like f**k! I cant wait”.

Miss Sutcliffe also sent a photo of herself as part of a “jail-mate card” to the same prisoner.

Following a three day hearing last week the Nursing and Midwifery Council ruled to strike Sutcliffe from their register.

The panel noted that Sutcliffe, who failed to attend the hearing, had a lack of insight into her actions.

The NMC said on its decision: “When determining whether Miss Sutcliffe had breached professional boundaries, the panel noted Miss Sutcliffe’s written submissions that she began developing feelings for Prisoner M whilst she was working at the prison.

“The panel was of the view that Miss Sutcliffe’s actions did fall very significantly short of the standards expected of a registered nurse, and that Miss Sutcliffe’s actions amounted to clear breaches of the 2015 Code”

“The panel appreciated that breaches of the code do not automatically result in a finding of misconduct.

The nurse was found to have let another prisoner kiss her without challenge.

“However, the panel reminded itself that after the first incident with Prisoner A in May 2018, Miss Sutcliffe was suspended and received training and guidance in relation to appropriate behaviour within a prison setting.

“Despite this, Miss Sutcliffe subsequently breached professional boundaries with Prisoner M.

“The panel determined that on both occasions Miss Sutcliffe abused her privileged position and that her behaviour had the potential to adversely affect the wellbeing of the prisoners, particularly Prisoner M.

“The panel considered that a fellow member of the nursing profession would consider Miss Sutcliffe’s actions as deplorable.

“The panel noted that the serious breach of the fundamental tenets of the profession evidenced by Miss Sutcliffe’s actions is fundamentally incompatible with Miss Sutcliffe remaining on the register.”

Miss Sutcliffe has 28 days to appeal the sanction from the date it is received in writing.

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