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Scots mum devastated after out-of-control dog jumps into garden and mauls beloved cat to death

A SCOTS mum has been left devastated after her beloved moggy was mauled to death in the back garden by an out-of-control dog.

Lyndsey Buchanan was heartbroken after a neighbour banged on her door in Oban, Argyll and Bute, last Sunday morning holding her deceased cat Tod.

The 31-year-old said that several neighbours were awoken to the sound of the three-year-old cat being attacked.

Lyndsey with Tod
Lyndsey with Tod.

A shocked neighbour ran out to try to save Tod by punching and kicking the hound that had jumped into Lyndsey’s garden to get hold of him.

After managing to release Tod from the dog’s grip, it tried several times again to get hold of him.

The dangerous dog, which appeared to be either a lurcher or greyhound, is believed to have escaped its home.

School teacher Lyndsey said the owner later came and retrieved the dog before returning back with his wife to apologise.

Speaking today, Lyndsey said: “My husband and I have a newborn baby and we were playing white noise on our phones to help the baby sleep so we didn’t hear the attack.

“We were woken up by our neighbours banging our door – they were holding Tod who was already dead.

“The owner of the dog then appeared asking if we had seen his dog and my neighbours informed him that it had killed my cat.

“The dog owner then tracked the dog down and returned it home, then came back to our house with his wife to apologise.

“My neighbour had to kick and punch the dog to get it off the cat and it tried to make a pass at my neighbour too. It wanted to get back to the cat time and time again.

“Four households have approached me to say they were awoken by the attack.

She added: “I often leave the pram at the back door while I’m in the kitchen – never again.

“I don’t know what else this dog is capable of but I’ve heard it’s a rescue dog.

“I think to own a dog like that you really need to be very knowledgeable of the breed.

“At the very, very least I’d like to see the dog muzzled as this could have saved my cat’s life.

“We are devastated. He was a lovely cat that was particularly special to us as we had been unable to have a child for a long time so he was our little fur baby.

“Tod was such a lovely natured wee thing – he won over the hearts of all our neighbours, even the ones who didn’t particularly like cats.

“He was a real guard cat; he always slept under or beside the pram when it was in the garden – it was as if he knew there was real danger to come.

“He took the job of watching over his territory and family seriously and as it turns out, he was right to. He will be sorely missed.”

Lyndsey also posted about the dog attack on Facebook yesterday (MON), writing: “Hi folks,

“Our much loved wee cat Tod was mauled to death in his own back garden yesterday by a lurcher/greyhound type dog that escaped from its home in Connel and was roaming the streets.

Tod the cat
Tragically neioghbours couldn’t save the beloved pet.

“Please be vigilant if you have a cat, small dog or young child – I would hate for another tragedy to occur because of this dog getting loose again as it accessed our back garden.

“We have a newborn baby and sometimes put the pram at the back door with the door open while we’re at the kitchen sink – never again – unthinkable.

“Our wee cat took the brunt this time and it cost him his life. Just wanted to make folk aware.”

Over 200 people commented on the post after being shocked by the incident.

Sharon Sommerville said: “So sorry for your loss, this is just heartbreaking.”

Chrisanne Toogood Brown said: “I’m so sorry to read this. I am heartbroken for you.

“To lose your handsome wee Tod in such horrific circumstances is just unbearable and in your own garden.

“Just devastating, such a beautiful wee cat, I truly hope justice will prevail. Run free wee Tod.”

Rosie Macdonald said: “How awful-such a beautiful little cat, so sad for you. I would be heartbroken.”

Alison Lyons said: “Oh my goodness, that’s too sad, poor wee thing. So sorry for your loss.”

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