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Which song is Eurovision’s greatest hit?

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A long-running cultural icon and a staple in the musical calendar, Eurovision is a much-loved showpiece of European culture.

The event has been held annually since 1956 – with the exception of a break in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic – which makes it the longest-running annual international televised music competition in the world.

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With 52 countries currently competing – from tiny San Marino right across to Australia – the standards for the coveted title of Eurovsion Song Contest champion seem to rise every year.

Over the decades, the contest has launched some huge hits such as Fly On the Wings of Love by The Olsen Brothers in 2000, Heroes by Mans Zelmerlow in 2015 and of course, Waterloo by world-renowned Swedish band ABBA in 1974.

Fans of the contest and music listeners in general often find it nigh-impossible to distinguish which tune is Eurovision’s greatest hit. With countless entries and winning songs to sift through, it’s a tremendous task and a very broad question to expect one simple answer for.

Now though, research from Betway’s online casino has established a tool to take you back in time to enjoy some of the competition’s favourites with a map of Eurovision’s Greatest Hits.

The map includes each country’s most successful Eurovision Song Contest entry, ranked by the percentage of the maximum possible points it received, and a snippet of the song.

Betway Group is a global online gambling company, owned by Super Group.

With this new tool, they are hoping to help Eurovision fans enjoy a taster of the best that the coveted competition has to offer, in one simple place.

The map offers a detailed insight into the various entries from countries across Europe, which – when clicked on – will reveal a well-crafted information box for the respective country.

This box contains information on the country’s biggest selling Eurovision song, such as what year it featured and how many points it received in the competition.

Included in the box is a Spotify link to each and every song, offering browsers the chance to plug in and relive all of the classics from across the years.

The United Kingdom tops the charts for best performing song with Brotherhood of Man’s hit Save Your Kisses For Me.

With sales of over a million copies, the song topped the charts in the UK, Belgium, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway and Spain upon its release in 1976.

So, if you fancy taking a trip through the best bits of Eurovision’s history, check out the map and sit back, relax and enjoy the music.

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