Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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Shocking video shows blundering motorist stop on country road and reverse directly into van behind

A SHOCKING video shows a blundering motorist stop on a tight country road and reverse directly into the van behind.

Robert Paxford captured the bizarre clip on his dashcam near Porthallow, Cornwall, earlier this year.

The video shows the driver of a blue Ford Focus, who 61-year-old Robert believed to be a tourist, proceed cautiously around a narrow bend on the tight country road.

Spotting another car further ahead, the driver slams on his breaks and brings the Ford to a sudden stop.

However, despite the approaching car having positioned themselves in a passing place out of the way of the road, the Focus driver begins to reverse.

Seemingly in a panic the driver accelerates towards Robert from Lizard, Cornwall, and slams into the front of his van.

Robert shared the video to Facebook earlier this month writing: “The joy of the tourists driving the narrow Cornish roads.

“Thanks to the dash cam he had no choice but to say it was his fault.”

The post has now collected over 260 likes and 180 comments from users who slammed the drivers.

Gareth Lloyd said: “They literally slammed the breaks on miles before they even got near the vehicle coming the other way.”

Mark Garrod said: “If he used his mirrors he would see that you were there, it’s not like he could miss you is it?”

Karl Schindler said: “If the blue Ford didn’t see the rear vehicle, he probably also thought the vehicle behind was moving and at fault.

Ford Focus reverses into van
Thankfully Robert captured the blunder on his dashcam.

“Cameras rule, shame for him though as accidents are a pain in the wallet.”

Aleksandrs Krasuckis said: “Someone needs training on rear mirrors.”

Speaking today Robert said: “When tourists arrive here it becomes quite dangerous.

“This man was worse than most of them to say the least.

“It’s a single track road for three or four miles and I drive it everyday because I’m a courier, I deliver luggage for coastal path walkers.

“Following this particular car I could sense they were a bit nervous driving this road.

“We came around a corner and the other car had stopped in a passing place but he just reversed right back into me.

“He clearly didn’t know I was there.”

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