Wednesday, August 10, 2022
BusinessTech company launches pocket-sized battery to convert any bicycle to an electric...

Tech company launches pocket-sized battery to convert any bicycle to an electric bike

A TECH company has launched its newest innovative product at one of the world’s most well-known bicycle shows.

Swytch has put the wheels in motion on its pocket-sized battery, capable of converting almost any bicycle into an electric bike.

Having previously announced the product earlier this year, the company’s Swytch AIR was exhibited at Eurobike this week, where its capabilities were marketed.

Swytch is already established in the eBike market, having sold over 40,000 conversion kits to customers all over the world since 2017.

The Swytch AIR power pack on the front of a bicycle.
The Swytch AIR can be affixed to the handlebars of almost any normal bicycle to convert it into an eBike. (Image supplied with release by Swytch)

In 2020, Swytch sold over 9,000 conversion kits in the UK taking over 5% of the entire UK eBike market by volume.

The new Swytch AIR conversion kit features a world-first smartphone-sized electric bike battery, weighing just 700g and providing 250W of power, to reach a top speed of 15mph.

It fits to the handlebars of any bicycle, and powers a front motor wheel which simply replaces your existing wheel.

When fitted to your bike at home, the result is a state-of-the-art electric bike that is lighter and much more affordable than almost anything else on the market.

Swytch CEO, Oliver Montague says: “There are many problems with electric bikes right now.

“They are generally far too expensive for the average consumer, they are too heavy, with very limited options in terms of style, design and availability.

“But, more importantly, every time someone buys a brand new electric bike, it creates more than 200kg of CO2 that could have otherwise been saved if they converted their existing bike into an eBike.

“Given there are already more than 1 billion bicycles in the world, and many people already have a bike they enjoy riding, we want to encourage everyone to consider the conversion option instead. 

“We believe the Swytch AIR, and it’s more powerful version, the Swytch MAX, is going to be the catalyst for a significant shift in consumer-behaviour towards converting existing bicycles into electric bikes, instead of purchasing brand-new electric bikes. 

“This approach is better for the customer, and better for the planet.”

Swytch CTO, Dmitro Khroma, states that: “Our mission is to help people travel more sustainably, by up-cycling their existing bikes, into eBikes.

“The new Swytch AIR and MAX are going to totally disrupt the eBike industry because they are is so much lighter, smaller and more affordable than anything else out there.

“When you upgrade your existing bike into a Swytch bike, you get to keep the bike you love, and turn it into an electric bike that is more advanced and significantly lighter than many of the latest electric bikes that can cost 4-5x as much to buy.”

Swytch has already received pre-orders for more than 10,000 units from its first batch of production after inviting existing customers, and early waitlist subscribers, to early access pre-order.

The company is now increasing their production capacity and expects to be able to accept more pre-orders, from its second batch of production and official launch, in September this year.

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