Friday, August 19, 2022
NewsBizarre video shows man carrying dead deer down busy Scots street

Bizarre video shows man carrying dead deer down busy Scots street

A BIZARRE video shows a man walk down a Scots street carrying a dead deer over his shoulders.

Rocco MacDonald, 12, was left baffled after spotting the man hauling the carcas down a road in Newtongrange, Midlothian on Thursday.

The video shows the man, dressed in a full grey tracksuit, sauntering down the pavement with the deer’s limp body draped over his shoulders.

Holding the animal tightly by its legs, the man jogs towards a pedestrian crossing whilst traffic waits at a red light.

Visibly struggling with the weight of the woodland mammal, he then walks across the road where the deer’s lifeless head begins to bobble as it hangs from his shoulder.

Speaking today, Rocco said: “Me, my brother and my sister were driving home with my mum just past the Mining Museum and my mum said ‘guys, did you see that guy carrying a baby deer?’

“We didn’t see it and asked her to turn around so we could see it. We drove past him going down the way into Newtongrange.

“My mum turned around again then stopped at the traffic lights. I started to video him when he was jogging down to get across the road before the lights changed.

“The deer’s face was doing a jiggle jiggle.

“The funny part was another guy just walking past him like it was a normal day.

“My mum, brother and sister thought it was disgusting but I thought it was funny seeing him run across the road with a dear.”

The deer’s head bounced as the man ran over the road.

Rocco shared the video to TikTok yesterday (THU), writing: “I can’t believe I saw a guy carrying a dead deer through Nitten.”

The clip has now collected over 60,000 views with thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from users who joked in their replies.

One user wrote: “Oh deer”

Another said: “He’s on a stag do.”

A third commented: “Waste not want not. Deer tastes pretty good when cooked right.”

A fourth replied: “Only in Newtongrange.”

A fifth added: “You can’t beat a bit of road kill.”

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