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NewsHilarious video shows husband's furious reaction to wife's toilet roll prank

Hilarious video shows husband’s furious reaction to wife’s toilet roll prank

A HILARIOUS video shows a husband’s furious reaction to his cheeky wife replacing the cheese in his pickle sandwich with empty toilet roll cardboard.

Clare Soulsby, 33, played the prank on her beloved husband Kyle Soulsby last week as revenge for him leaving cardboard toilet roll centres lying around the bathroom.

While making up a packed lunch for her HGV driver hubby the night before, mum-of-three Clare, from Leicestershire, decided to slyly slip in the slices of cardboard.

A hilarious video shows the 35-year-old notice there was something askew with his lunch time sandwich and decide to take a look inside.

He peels back the buttered bread to reveal a soggy slice of cardboard which has been slathered in brown pickle.

Kyle can be heard saying: “I just went to get stuck into my sandwich and saw that.

“What the f***s that?

“What the f**k is that!

“How did you get cardboard in a f*****g sandwich?

“So I’ve got pickle, I’ve just got a pickle sandwich.

“No cheese, just pickle.”

Raging from the prank, Kyle also shared a rant to Facebook last week writing: “Absolutely fuming!

“Married to a complete immature t*t. Work your bollocks off for an ungrateful b***h.”

Kyle became even more “hangry” when he realised his wallet was in his wife’s bag.

And he had to borrow money from Clare’s dad, who he works with, to buy some food on his 13-hour shift.

He wrote in a message to Clare: “I’ve asked your dad for £10 to cover my food today and tonight. You’re paying him back.

Kyle was expecting cheese in his pickle sandwich.

“You owe your dad £10. I’m not eating your food with you later.

“I’m f*****g livid.”

Speaking today, Clare said: “Kyle and I constantly pull pranks on eachother.

“On this particular occasion, I’d gotten completely fed up of him leaving empty toilet rolls on the radiator – we have a toilet roll holder and a bin.

“I thought what better than to make him a toilet roll sandwich.

“The only problem was his bank card was in my bag so he didn’t have any access to money and was out on the road from 4.30am until 5.30pm which I thought made it even funnier.

“But he became ‘hangry’ which caused him to write his status.

“Anyone that knows us would know he wasn’t being serious and everyone on the status laughed and thought it was hilarious.

“He didn’t talk to me for a couple of days but he apologised for getting annoyed because I made him a toilet roll sandwich.

“I always make his packed lunch which hasn’t stopped despite this!

“I’m pretty sure I am just an evil genius.”

Clare decided to share her side-splitting prank on TikTok last week, and quickly racked up over 1.5 million views.

Clare shared her prank to TikTok last week writing: “When you’re sick of him leaving empty toilet rolls around so you make him a loo roll sandwich.”

The video has now collected over 1.5 million views with more than 25,000 likes and 600 comments from users who were left in stitches by the prank.

One wrote: “That’s brilliant!”

Another said: “Now that’s the petty level I can relate to.”

A third commented: “You’re my kind of savage. We should be friends!”

A fourth replied: “This made me proper laugh. My partner but a coffee sachet in the teenager’s sandwich after she repeatedly left them on the side after being told.”

A fifth wrote: “Babe you’re my spirit animal.”

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