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How Can Side-Investing In UK Bonds Help You Earn A Large Amount Of Money

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NS&I Premium Bonds are a savings account from which you can deposit and withdraw funds at any time. The interest paid is determined by a monthly prize draw. Each £1 bond has an equal chance of winning; therefore, the more you invest in premium bonds, the greater your odds of winning the jackpot!

NS&I increases its appeal by giving its IT equipment a name: Ernie (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment). In actuality, it is a straightforward, audited random number generator.

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How Likely are You to Win with Premium Bonds?

The projected chance of winning each £1 bond number is 34,500 to 1. However, the bigger your savings, the better your odds of winning.

Suppose you have over £5,000 to put in savings. In this instance, data indicate that the advantages of premium bonds begin to surpass those of other forms of savings products.

With 5,000 bond numbers entering the monthly drawing, there are 5,000 possibilities to win. With premium bonds, saving $5,000, $10,000, or more will considerably boost your chances of winning anything. However, there is no assurance of earning a substantial reward. It really is a matter of chance.

Prizes are tax-free — this used to be a significant advantage but is no longer the case for most people.

The interest on Premium Bonds is paid tax-free. However, for most individuals, this is no longer an advantage.

Since 2016, the personal savings allowance (PSA) has ensured that all interest earned on savings accounts is paid tax-free. You only need to pay tax on it if you are a basic 20% rate taxpayer earning more than £1,000 in annual interest, a higher 40% rate taxpayer earning more than £500 in annual interest, or a top 45% rate taxpayer.

In fact, this implies that over 95% of individuals no longer pay tax on their savings interest; therefore, Premium Bonds no longer provide a tax benefit for these individuals.

Premium Bonds provide a significant benefit for individuals who will be subject to tax since awards do not count towards the PSA; thus, it is essentially an additional allowance (assuming you win something, of course).

How do Premium Bonds and Savings Accounts Compare?

Premium Bonds have the closest to an interest rate is their current “annual prize fund interest rate” of 1.4%. This refers to the average payout of prizes.

However, depending on how much you have committed, the chances of winning nothing might be considerable, and the calculations are unclear.

The interest rate applies to the typical consumer with average luck. In other words, the rate is insignificant for individuals who do not gain anything since their interest rate is 0.

However, you may use the yearly prize fund rate as a benchmark when comparing Premium Bonds to a savings account, where you are guaranteed to receive interest. In addition, current savings rates surpass Premium Bonds’ annual prize fund rates across the board.

How can I Redeem Premium Bonds?

There are several methods to redeem Premium Bonds.

The most efficient method is to use the internet service. If you purchased the bonds online, you have already been enrolled. Simply log in using the supplied credentials.

You may also redeem them by phoning NS&I at 08085 00 007. Because you purchased the phones over the phone, you should be registered.

Each of these alternatives should only need a few minutes. NS&I will cash in your oldest Bonds first and deposit the proceeds into your chosen account. Bonds may also be cashed in by completing the Premium Bonds Cash In form.

Check the box in section three of the form according to the number of bonds you want to pay. If you want to redeem a certain range of Bond numbers, just specify the range’s beginning in section four. If you choose “No” or leave the box blank, NS&I will redeem your oldest bonds first.

Who Selects the Monthly Winners of the Premium Bond Draw?

Ernie selects the winners. This may seem like the pet cat of the National Savings and Investments Administration, but it is only an abbreviation. Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment, or Ernie, is a lengthy acronym. Obviously, Ernie is more notable!

So far, there have been five Ernies, the most recent being a quantum random number generator. There is no need to delve into the intricate science underlying Ernie to comprehend how premium bonds operate; you can be confident that the procedure is completely random and impartial. Each and every relationship has an equal chance of winning.

Advantages Of Investing In Bonds

Although every bond fund has its own risk, investors should be able to weigh the risks against the total advantages of investing in bond funds. These consist of:

Reduced Initial Investment Needs

Reduced investment requirements facilitate the availability of a broad range of bonds. Working with an investment adviser who can identify your fixed-income goals, locate a fund that can assist satisfy those needs, and assess the related risks is the best course of action.


‘Never keep all your eggs in one basket.’ Diversification entails distributing your investments across various companies and industry sectors. This reduces the risks associated with the failure of the firm or industry.

Professional Administration

By allowing experienced money managers to investigate and assess the hundreds of unique bonds on the market, you may avoid the headache of doing it yourself.


However, the only genuine strategy to increase one’s odds is to purchase as many £1 Bonds as possible without exceeding one’s financial means.

Bonds may be purchased for a minimum of £17, but investors can invest up to a maximum of £50,000.

Meanwhile, £74 million in unclaimed NS&I Premium Bonds rewards have accumulated since the introduction of the savings accounts in the 1950s. Hopefully, you will find this guide on premium bonds helpful, so invest in UK premium bonds today and test your luck!

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