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Malt Vault: Scots hotel adds number of new malts to whisky collection

A SCOTS hotel has made a number of new additions to its whisky vault, in an effort to broaden its collection of malt whisky.

The Malt Vault is situated at the Karma Lake of Monteith, Stirling, just off the hotel’s traditional main bar, and currently has over 100 Malts on offer.

Included are whiskies from the nearby distilleries of Deanston, Glengoyne, and Glenturret, coupled with selections from all of the whisky producing areas of Scotland.

Some of these malts include a Glenfarclas 30-year-old, a Bunnahabhan 30-year-old, a Bruichladidch Black Arts 9.1 29-year-old, a Lagavulin 16-year-old special Reserve, and a Dalmore King Alexander.

A selection of whiskies from the hotel's Malt Vault.
Karma Lake of Menteith’s malt vault has over 100 malts on offer. (Image supplied with release by Advantage PR)

There are also several rare Campbeltown Malts to sample, including the famous Springbank.

Keen to expand and promote what is seen as a selling point for the hotel – the first Scottish acquisition for Karma Group – General Manager of the resort, Chris Diplock, has been purchasing numerous new malts for the collection since he took up his post earlier this year.  

He said: “The Malt Vault is a fantastic feature of this Hotel, and one we at Karma Group are keen to make the very most of.

“We hope that guests enjoy sitting here in the evening enjoying the “Uisge Beatha”, this is the Scottish Gaelic term meaning “Water Of Life”- which becomes Whisky!”

Chris continued: “Our brand is all about creating exceptional experiences.

“In Scotland, sampling the very best whisky, including rarer varieties, is most certainly part of that that.

“Of course, every whisky is different and represents not only the skill of the individual distiller, but also the unique provenance of each distillery, its history, and most importantly its flavour profile.”

“Aficionados have to consider how old the whisky is, in what type of cask it has matured, and where it has come from. All of this makes each malt individual and magic.”

Chris explained that all of the Vault’s whiskies were sourced from Woodwinters Wines & Whiskies, a local, independent, award winning wine merchant.

He said: “They know their subject inside out, providing us with samples, tasting notes and staff training.

“They are always able to source us with a supply of limited allocated and very rare whiskies.”

Future plans for the Malt Vault at Karma Lake of Menteith include ticketed Tasting Nights for non residents, alongside pairing whisky with food at special Whisky Dinners.

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