Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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PREVIEW – Pierre Novellie – Why Can’t I Just Enjoy Things?

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IN HIS latest Fringe show, comedian Pierre Novellie investigates why he can’t just enjoy things.

The show is seen as an observational comedy for people who think they hate observational comedy.

Through his comedy, Pierre tries to work out why his experience of the world sometimes seems so different to everyone else’s.

Pierre Noveille
Pierre’s 2022 YouTube special, Quiet Ones, has over 80,000 views since being uploaded in January. (Photo supplied with release credit Karla Gowlett)

The show will explore whether Pierre is his own worst enemy when it comes to breaking through to the “fun-zone” or if everyone else in the world is wrong? And if he is wrong: why?

Brian Donaldson from The List has described Pierre as being “very close to being a stand-up masterclass.”

On TV and radio, Pierre has written and appeared on BBC Two’s The Mash Report and Edinburgh Comedy Fest Live (BBC Three).

As a live performer, Pierre has been nominated for Best Newcomer and twice for Best Club Comic at the Chortle Awards, as well as performing five previous sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe.

You can watch Why Can’t I Just Enjoy Things? from 3rd August at the Monkey Barrel.

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