Tuesday, August 9, 2022
NewsShocking video shows dopey motorist overtaking on blind corner

Shocking video shows dopey motorist overtaking on blind corner

A SHOCKING video shows a dopey motorist overtaking on a blind corner – forcing oncoming traffic to swerve up onto a verge to avoid a head-on collision.

Another motorist who was driving behind captured the incident on his dash-cam while driving along a road in North Berwick, East Lothian, on Sunday.

The video shows the red Toyota Yaris driver pulling out into the right hand side of the road on a narrow country lane.

They then slowly drive along the wrong side of the road in an attempt to overtake a black cab in front.

As the Yaris approaches a bend in the road, a black car is shown coming around the corner and heading straight towards the overtaking car.

The two vehicles are then just inches away from crashing head-on into each other before the quick-thinking approaching driver swerves to the left and onto a grass verge.

Another white car is also forced to slam on the brakes as the Toyota squeezes through both directions of traffic to avoid a collision.

The cars then flash their hazard lights to alert other cars to slow down behind them.

Bizarrely, the Toyota driver turns into a small lane just on the left from the near-miss – rendering the dangerous overtake completely pointless.

The motorist who captured the video posted the clip on TikTok on Wednesday while warning drivers to be careful while overtaking.

The clip has collected over 29,000 views and hundreds of comments from viewers who were shocked by the clip.

One said: “Cut the licence up!”

Another wrote: “It’s a good job that the country road had a track run off.”

A third commented: “Nothing to do with a country road.

“They were going too slow and pulled out too early whilst a corner was in the distance.”

A fourth replied: “The bellend could have killed someone, they clearly didn’t know the road.”

Speaking today the 29-year-old dash-cam over said: “The video shows it all to be honest.

“Both of us were behind the taxi for a mile or two, the car in front didn’t show any intention of wanting to overtake the taxi even though there were opportunities further back and then went for it out of nowhere close to a blind bend.”

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