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The Top 100 Investment Funds in the World

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By 2022, the world’s top 100 investment fund managers collectively handle over $100 trillion of client funds, a staggering amount that is higher than the combined annual expenditures of all the national governments in the world. While there are thousands of investment funds around, these top 100 firms manage the large bulk of the overall wealth that individuals and institutional investors entrust to their asset managers. In this article, we will take a closer look at these largest funds in the world.

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Ranking Methodology

To collate the list of the top 100 funds, we researched and combined data from multiple sources in order to arrive at the most precise estimates. This is because relying on a single source was likely to result in missing at least some valuable pieces of information. We primarily researched investment fund information and the assets under management (AuM) statistics from three key sources:

  1. The October 2021 study on the 500 largest investment funds by the Thinking Ahead Institute, a global non-profit investment research organization
  2. Investment fund rankings maintained by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI)
  3. Investment fund rankings by ADV Ratings, a prominent provider of financial industry statistics and ranking information

The lists of funds maintained by each of these three sources were somewhat different in terms of the included firms and sometimes contained slightly different AuM data for each fund. The differences in the companies on the list were most likely due to a slightly different methodology used by each source for determining which investment firms to include. In turn, the AuM differences were largely due to different measurement periods. Despite the time of measurement differences, all three sources contained data that was less than a year old.

We paid particular attention to cross-verifying the AuM data for the top 20 firms in the rankings. Where differences were evident, in most cases, we chose the larger figure to report as the larger figures were likely obtained in a more recent measurement.  

The Top 100 Investment Funds – Overall Statistics

The largest 100 investment managers collectively have a total of $105 trillion in AuM. The chart below shows the number of funds among these top 100 for each AuM segment.

The Number of Funds per AuM Segment

The number of funds by AuM segment among the top 100 investment funds

As the chart indicates, the world’s top 7 investment funds each manage anywhere between $3 and $10 trillion. The world’s largest fund, BlackRock, has an AuM of around $9.6 billion.

Of the entire $105 trillion managed by the top 100 funds, nearly $45 trillion is under the management of the top 10 funds. Here are the world’s top 10 investment funds, with their respective AuM amounts.

The Top 10 Investment Funds and Their AuMs

The top 10 investment funds by AuM

In the chart above, the two largest funds, BlackRock and Vanguard, clearly stand out from the rest by the size of their AuMs. The Swiss-based UBS, 3rd in the overall ranking, is the largest asset manager located outside of the US. 

In general, the US dominates the top 10 rankings, with 8 out of the 10 funds above located in the world’s largest economy. The two non-US funds in the top 10 are UBS and Germany’s very own Allianz Group.

America’s dominance in the rankings is not limited to the top 10 only. Forty-one out of the top 100 funds in our ranking are US-based.

The Top 100 Investment Funds by Country

The distribution of the top 100 investment funds by country of domicile

The US asset managers also have an edge in terms of the overall AuM share. American funds collectively manage slightly over 60% of the entire $105 trillion of the top 100 funds’ AuM.

The Share of the Top 100 Funds’ Total AuM by US vs Non-US Funds

Share of the top 100 funds’ total AuM by US vs Non-US funds

The Top 100 Investment Funds – The Complete List

Below, we provide our complete list of the world’s top 100 investment fund companies, showing their AuMs and domiciled countries. Naturally, since the investment fund industry is very dynamic, the AuM figures and the list’s composition might change quickly.

RankCompany NameAuM (in million USD)Country
1BlackRock$9,569,513 U.S.
2Vanguard Group$8,500,000 U.S.
3UBS$4,432,000 Switzerland
4State Street Global$3,860,000 U.S.
5Fidelity Investments$3,688,587 U.S.
6Morgan Stanley$3,274,000 U.S.
7Capital Group$3,099,186 U.S.
8J.P. Morgan Chase$2,996,000 U.S.
9Allianz Group$2,953,000 Germany
10Goldman Sachs Group$2,372,000 U.S.
11BNY Mellon$2,310,000 U.S.
12Amundi$2,135,610 France
13Legal & General Group$1,794,000 U.K.
14Prudential Financial$1,727,000 U.S.
15T. Rowe Price$1,687,800 U.S.
16Northern Trust$1,532,000 U.S.
17Franklin Templeton$1,497,955 U.S.
18Wells Fargo$1,455,000 U.S.
19BNP Paribas$1,430,900 France
20Natixis Investment Managers$1,389,663 France
21Invesco$1,349,925 U.S.
22Wellington Mgt.$1,291,419 U.S.
23AXA Group$1,267,651 France
24Nuveen$1,155,591 U.S.
25Aegon Group$1,126,920 Netherlands
26HSBC Holdings$1,118,000 U.K.
27Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings$1,059,802 Japan
28Sun Life Financial$975,154 Canada
29Deutsche Bank$969,423 Germany
30Power Financial$893,364 Canada
31Manulife$887,691 Canada
32Ameriprise Financial$886,000 U.S.
33Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group$852,892 Japan
34Principal Financial$806,600 U.S.
35Schroders$785,146 U.K.
36Nippon Life Insurance$739,067 Japan
37Geode Capital Mgt.$719,441 U.S.
38Affiliated Managers Group$716,200 U.S.
39Generali Group$706,975 Italy
40Fidelity International$706,300 U.K.
41Royal Bank of Canada$693,286 Canada
42AllianceBernstein$685,924 U.S.
43New York Life Investments$662,616 U.S.
44MetLife Investment$659,600 U.S.
45Standard Life Aberdeen$624,470 U.K.
46Federated Hermes$619,430 U.S.
47Blackstone Group$618,557 U.S.
48MassMutual$616,000 U.S.
49Brookfield Asset Mgt.$602,000 Canada
50Dimensional Fund Advisors$600,760 U.S.
51Charles Schwab Investment$586,729 U.S.
52Eaton Vance$583,100 U.S.
53Nomura Asset Mgt.$568,128 Japan
54Prudential$558,300 U.K.
55Dai-ichi Life Holdings$551,429 Japan
56Landesbank Baden-Württemberg$550,479 Germany
57Credit Suisse$546,983 Switzerland
58Asset Management One$526,064 Japan
59Intesa Sanpaolo$515,491 Italy
60Aviva$499,992 U.K.
61Union Investment$474,101 Germany
62Nordea$434,551 Denmark
63Baillie Gifford$430,926 U.K.
64Macquarie Group$424,057 Australia
65MEAG$413,520 Germany
66Neuberger Berman$405,440 U.S.
67Janus Henderson Group$401,600 U.K.
68Shinkin Central Bank1$380,492 Japan
69BMO Wealth Mgt.2$377,492 Canada
70Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance1$374,949 Japan
71NN Investment Partners$368,472 Netherlands
72Voya Financial$364,610 U.S.
73Mercer$356,923 U.S.
74Sumitomo Life Insurance$330,280 Japan
75Dodge & Cox$325,309 U.S.
76Russell Investments$323,655 U.S.
77E Fund Mgt.$320,046 China
78Dubai Investment Fund (DIF) $320,012UAE
79TD Asset Mgt.2$319,056 Canada
80Societe Generale$314,429 France
81Swiss Life Asset Managers$305,427 Switzerland
82Zurich Financial Services$303,433 Switzerland
83Dekabank Group$301,920 Germany
84SEI Investments$274,968 U.S.
85Agricultural Bank of China$259,844 China
86Lazard$258,642 U.S.
87SEB$257,100 Sweden
88Samsung Group$254,912 South Korea
89NISA Investment$252,989 U.S.
90Pictet Asset Mgt.$252,154 Switzerland
91Kohlberg Kravis Roberts$251,679 U.S.
92Achmea$249,333 Netherlands
93TCW Group$247,616 U.S.
94Guggenheim Investments$246,363 U.S.
95China Asset Mgt.$243,973 China
96Anima Holding$238,647 Italy
97Bosera Asset Mgt.3$237,200 China
98Banco do Brasil4$233,770 Brazil
99Harvest Fund Mgt.$230,453 China
100Scotiabank2$228,192 Canada

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