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Shocking video shows Amazon courier driving towards customer’s pet goat and missing it by mere inches

A SHOCKING video shows an Amazon courier driving towards a customer’s beloved pet goat and missing it by mere inches.

Diane Brown was fuming after spotting the Amazon driver appearing to drive directly towards pygmy goat, Gypsy, outside her home in Glenesk, Angus, last week.

CCTV shows the courier coming into the Scots mum’s drive in his white Renault Trafic van as one-year-old Gypsy is clearly shown standing metres ahead in the gravel.

Gypsy remains in her spot as the driver then appears to steer the wheels towards her direction.

The helpless animal is then forced to quickly run away from the van which narrowly avoids hitting her by just inches.

After passing by Gypsy, the driver then begins to brake as he approaches Diane’s house.

Diane watched the incident unfold at the time and confronted the driver.

The 38-year-old housekeeper claims the driver initially denied the incident but later apologised.

Speaking today, Diane said: “Gypsy and our dog Pickles were out in the garden when I saw the van coming up the driveway, and so watched the camera and saw the whole incident unfold.

“Luckily he had to stop his van before he could hit her as our cars were in the driveway but I think if he didn’t have to stop, then he would have hit her.

“So, I went out and told him that he nearly ran my goat over. My six-year-old, Jamie, also saw it happen and was pretty upset.

“The driver tried to deny it – he said it wasn’t standing there and that it was over on the other side.

“He kept denying it until I told him that I just watched it on CCTV. I told him it wasn’t the first time I’ve told him to slow down coming to my house.

Gypsy the goat
Gypsy the goat was narrowly missed by an Amazon driver who was driving down too quickly. Credit: Diane Brown

“He then said he didn’t know and he was sorry and would slow down, but I told him I would be reporting it to Amazon.

“Gypsy is just a year and a half old – I got her for my birthday at the start of July so she’s only been with us a few weeks.

“She’s still getting used to her surroundings, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had to ask that same driver to slow down.

“He’s on our private driveway where we have various slow down signs.

“Gypsy was very noisy after it so she clearly got a fright, but she came in the house and jumped on my kitchen table and all was forgotten.

“But, that could easily have been Jamie standing there!”

The mum-of-three also shared the clip on Facebook where viewers were left shocked by the footage.

One said: “Omg Mrs what an absolute w**k he is, definitely get him reported.”

Another wrote: “F***ng hell! What a d***khead! Can clearly see it standing there, no excuse for that.”

A third replied: “Did he just ignore Gypsy and thought it was okay to plough into her? Thank f**k you have evidence.”

A fourth person added: “Omg I would be absolutely raging like you, what an a****le.”

Speaking today, an Amazon spokeswoman said: ““We have very high standards for the delivery service providers we work with and how they serve customers.

“We are investigating the incident and are in direct communication with the customer.”

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