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PREVIEW – Tom Mayhew – Trash Rich

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CRITICALLY acclaimed comedian Tom Mayhew is returning to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, with a show that examines poverty, money and the class system in modern Britain. 

Mayhew’s new show, Trash Rich, tackles the relationship people have with money when you’ve never had much of it.

It asks; does Tom want to be a millionaire, or just comfortable? Or does it even matter what he wants, in a world where social mobility is getting harder with each generation?

He reflects on being on benefits for much of his life, and takes aim at the cost of living crisis – the “short awaited sequel to austerity… that’s all in the same shared poverty cinematic universe. Just to keep the poor getting screwed.”

Tom Mayhew promotional image.
Tom Mayhew’s new show aims to tackle the relationship people have with money. (Photo by Andy Hollingworth, supplied with release)

The funny but brutally honest show has garnered much praise. Chortle magazine describes it as “sharp, intelligent, meaningful and pleasing” and Mayhew as “a voice that needs to be heard.”

The Scotsman calls the show “delightful… genuine, powerful, political stuff.” Trash Rich is also hailed as “an absolute gem” in a five-star review by Edit.

Nominated for the Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year in 2017 and a semi finalist in the 2018 BBC New Comedy Awards, Mayhew’s first stand up show at the fringe was in 2019.

The show, titled I, Tom Mayhew was a raw and unflinching account of life on benefits in austerity Britain It won him rave reviews and a BBC Radio commission.   

After the critical success of his 2019 show, Tom had a sold-out run at the Soho Theatre, which led to a Radio 4 series; Tom Mayhew is Benefit Scum.

Trash Rich will run from the 4th to the 28th of August (excluding the 15th) at The Stand on York Place, from 9:20pm to 10:20pm. Tickets cost £8-£10.

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