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Evri customer slams company after courier claims they delivered parcel – by sending photo of warehouse cage

AN EVRI customer has slammed the company after a courier claimed they delivered his parcel – by sending a photo of parcels stacked inside a warehouse cage.

Atyab Patel was shocked after receiving an email on Monday stating his parcel had been delivered to his home – with a photograph that appeared to be taken in a depot.

The 26-year-old, from Bolton, Lancashire, had been expecting the parcel, a £165 dress for his wife, since it was dispatched last Friday.

Evri cage
This picture was sent to the customer. Credit: Atyab Patel

He was baffled when he opened his email from Evri, formerly Hermes, to see a blurry proof of delivery image showing countless packages inside a metal trolley cage.

The cage appears to be sitting in a warehouse or sorting facility and doesn’t look to have even been loaded onto a van or lorry.

Atyab said CCTV at his home showed the courier never even attempted to deliver the parcel to his address.

Speaking today, Atyab said: “I’m actually frustrated and baffled on how the staff can upload a photo like that, which clearly is in one of their warehouses, then claim to deliver it and get away with it.”

“It seems they haven’t even dispatched my parcel from the warehouse in the first place.

“I have CCTV around my house so I’ve checked around the time that they claimed to have ‘delivered’ the parcel, but nobody came.

“My house isn’t hard to locate either.

“I’ve not heard anything from them yet. I raised an investigation with them, but have had no reply whatsoever, and I still haven’t received the delivery.

“It’s highly likely I’ll not be ordering from a company which uses Evri anymore.”

Atyab complained to Evri on Twitter about the incident on Wednesday (JUL 27), writing: “Evri, where on Earth have you delivered my parcel, because I still don’t have it and why is there a photo of a trolley with other peoples parcels?

“Clearly this isn’t my address. Get this s**t sorted.”

Atyab claims that despite raising an investigation via an online form, he has still not received a reply from the delivery company.

This isn’t the first time Evri’s customers have been sent images of their items in bizarre places.

Last year, Thomas Gent couldn’t believe his eyes when he was sent a “delivery confirmation” photo showing a driver “sat on his a**e at home”.

The image shows the driver with his feet up, wearing slippers as he watched TV, surrounded by chocolates.

And earlier this year customer Holly Reed branded Evri as “disgraceful” when she received a delivery photo showing her parcel in the dispatch depot – two months after she placed the order.

A spokesperson for Evri today said: “We can confirm that this photo was sent in error and that the customer has received their parcel. We have apologised for any inconvenience.”

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