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PREVIEW- Milo McCabe- Sigmund Troy’d

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VIRAL sensation Milo McCabe with his alter-ego Troy Hawke, the 1930’s matinee idol comedic investigator, has now sold out his entire Edinburgh run! 

The show ‘Sigmund Troy’d!’ now has three additional dates at the Underbelly Friesian Room on 18th – 20th August at 9:50pm.

This show has already won him Best Show at this year’s Leicester Comedy Awards. 

At the last fringe in 2019 his show ‘Tiles of the Unexpected!’ was one of the best reviewed shows and a total sell out.

Milo Mcabe as character Troy Hawke
Milo McCabe as character Troy Hawke. Photo supplied with release, credit Steve Ullathorne.

His recent crusade in the name of former Liverpool midfielder Jan Molby in the face of reckless indifference from Waitrose has been making waves as fans jump on the hashtag #justiceforjan. 

Troy has even appointed Jan non-consensual CEO of the Greeter’s Guild for his playing style that was in Troy’s words “selfless and in service to others” the epitome of the ethos of the Guild. 

Considering this, new What Would Jan Molby Do? merch has been designed for free by Scouse Republic, all proceeds are going to support the work of Liverpool-based charities.

Fans Supporting Foodbanks and An Hour For Others will receive 100% of t-shirt sales and 66% of all cards sold.  

Raised and home schooled in her favourite era by his overprotective mother, Troy was finally released into the world and now dedicates his time to uncovering everyday dangers and conspiracies that other people seem to take for granted. 

Last year he found the nefarious link between IKEA, the Nazis and Kanye West. 

Now 1930’s throwback home-schooled investigator Troy Hawke returns to battle a new enemy on behalf of all people everywhere…PSYCHOTHERAPY!

Troy Hawke creator Milo McCabe trained to be a psychotherapist before abandoning his studies to pursue comedy

This show is an affectionate reverse love-letter reflecting the effectiveness of therapy as well as all the reasons clients will find to avoid the home truths they really need to hear. 

It takes in Imposter Syndrome, narcissistic parents, helpers high, denial and displacement via a system of scrabble-based numerology and ‘character comedy at its best’.

As Troy Hawke, Milo McCabe has delivered numerous viral videos which have subsequently led to sell out national and international tours. 

Performing in character, he also headlines all the major comedy clubs in the UK and later this year he plans to tour six different countries in Europe.

His stand-up and hidden camera clips have millions of views across various social media platforms, and he has just completed a sold-out UK tour.  

Recently Milo (as Troy) had a fight in a cage in Liverpool and got knocked out…. But now he is back up and ready to take on the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

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