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Why Is It Important to Have Packaging Boxes with A Logo?

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A few decades back, the concept of custom packaging didn’t exist, and no matter the industry, product packaging was seen as a mere product carrier and nothing more. But, fast forward to today, product packaging holds great importance for every brand, and the brands that don’t take product packaging seriously often end up being from a lot of average brands. But sometimes great brands end up being just average brands because they couldn’t build their identity.

Does the product make an identity? Sometimes, one thing that makes brands stand out from the rest and help them become big boys in their respective industry is the brand logo. Almost everyone has gone through a phase where they use a certain product and fall in love with that product, but the next time they make their way to that aisle, they simply can’t find the product.

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Now, imagine how easy it would’ve been if that brand had a product packaging with its logo on top of it. Most old-fashioned brands say, why do we need a logo if we are already generating sales? Because a logo can make your brand a status symbol. For example, McDonald’s doesn’t have the best burgers out there, but they have built an identity with the help of their logo. In today’s blog, we will tell you why you need custom boxes with logo for shipping for your brand. If that sounds interesting, then let’s hop into it.

Helps Build Identity

Every year, many new startups with a great products and potential end up just like another average brand. Many factors play a part in that failure, whether it be marketing or other blunders, one problem that all those businesses have in common is their logo. The logo is what represents your brand in all the fierce markets out there, and if you don’t have an attractive logo, then you may end up with the same result.

The main question here is, how to have an attractive logo that can help your brand in building identity? An attractive logo doesn’t always have to be something out of this world and something fancy, a simple logo that is easy to recognize works the best; take Apple and McDonald’s as an example.

Invites New Customers

To hit the jackpot in today’s fierce markets, you need to attract great traffic toward your brand. We often see a new brand with great marketing attract loads of potential customers to their brands, but how do customers come to their brand even when they don’t know much about the product? Well, they get attracted to the brand through the product packaging because they haven’t yet checked out the product.

What do you think is the focal point of any product packaging in the world? Yeah, you guessed it right; it indeed is the logo. The advantage of having a logo on your product packaging is that customers will feel attracted to your brand because your logo is attractive and stands out.

Distinguishes You from Competition

The whole point of choosing custom boxes and printing your unique logo on top of the box is to ensure that your product stands out from the rest. If you are thinking of making a logo on the basis of an ongoing trend, then maybe you should reconsider doing that because what can happen is that once it dies, you just end up having an old-fashioned logo that isn’t pleasing anymore.

Go for something that you have never seen in the market because this will help your product stand out. Now, the process of designing a perfect logo for your brand shouldn’t be hurried because the logo is what represents your brand, so it is better to take your time.

Facilitates Brand Loyalty

From time to time, brands have to change up their logo to perhaps update their look or reflect some corporate change. It is a great marketing technique, but customers don’t always like that. After so many years or months, when they finally make a brand image in their mind, the brand changes the logo, and it annoys them. Then, what to do?

The best thing you can do is keep the same basics of your brand, but don’t change it too much that customers have to run here and there in the store to find your product. Some moderate changes are more than enough; you can take inspiration from coco-cola and Apple. I mean, they have changed their logo over the years, but the changes weren’t that the new logo makes them look like a new brand in the market.

These were just a few of many reasons why you need a logo on your product packaging so that you don’t end up being just another average brand.

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