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Top StoriesAdorable image shows autism assistance dog leaping with joy during owner's graduation

Adorable image shows autism assistance dog leaping with joy during owner’s graduation

AN ADORABLE image shows an autism assistance dog leaping for joy with its owner during graduation.

Laura Wild was captured throwing her cap in the air for beloved pooch Summer after securing a BSc in Biology at Manchester Metropolitan University on Friday.

The four-year-old Golden Retriever attended every lecture with 23-year-old Laura since she started her course four years ago.

Laura, who has autism, trained Summer when she was just eight-weeks-old and the pair have been inseparable since.

Summer celebrated graduation with Laura (C) Laura Wild

She said she would not have been able to move out or leave her house if it wasn’t for her four-legged-friend who “changed [her] life”.

Summer has been trained to bump Laura’s leg if she can sense her owner has low cortisol, lick her hands to ground her anxiety, and also knows how to pick up books.

Amazing image show Laura and Summer celebrating outside the university together following years of support and hard work.

Speaking today, Laura said: “It was funny, many people kept joking that Summer was graduating too.

Summer pictured in her graduation cap
Summer “graduated” alongside Laura in Biology (C) Laura Wild

“She was able to get into lectures with me.

“Summer will sit in front of me or lie down on my legs if she observes nervous behaviour, like anxiety.

“She would often interrupt if I have, for example, a shaky leg or if I’m scratching my hands, or breathing fast.

“If I drop objects, she’ll retrieve them for me!”

Laura’s god-mother Horatio Wellington posted her delight of the graduation on Facebook on Friday, writing: “My god-daughter graduated today from a UK university (BSc Biology) aided and abetted during the four-year course by the beautiful Summer, her autism assistance Golden who stuck with her through thick and thin.”

Sharing the image of Laura and Summer celebrating, she added: “I cannot describe how proud I am… here’s a picture.”

The post has attracted over 11,000 likes and over 700 comments from animal lovers.

Romy Shantall said: “Congratulations! Absolutely wonderful. I love this photo – two beautiful souls celebrating what they achieved together.”

Jill Morton said: “WOW! Such a great accomplishment for her and has autism.

“Amazing. Congratulations to her and her beautiful assistant. Life is going to be great!”

Melanie de Vries said: “Fabulous! Well done to your god-daughter and what a terrific aide she has. Awesome photo to treasure.”

Elise Tooley said: “Such great news and success thank you for sharing such a beautiful inspiring picture of them both!”

Laura with partner Noah Hemingway and Summer during graduation. (C) Laura Wild

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