Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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PREVIEW – Liars & Believers – Yellow Bird Chase

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JOIN a clownish maintenance crew made up of Tootles McBarglehorn, Poodge and Capitano Marco Cantolopo del Portudo in their rollercoaster show.

The comical trio discover a yellow bird and are determined to catch it. Their adventure takes place across land, sea, and air, all from the confines of their cleaning cupboard. 

Follow the group on a journey where gloves, mops, buckets, and sheets transform.

See them become camels, cars and boats.

Along the way they will come upon monsters, pirates and of course, birds. 

Yellow Bird Chase promo shot.
Yellow Bird Chase is being brought all the way from Boston, Massachusetts. (Image supplied with release by Liars & Believers)

Yellow Bird Chase is brought to Edinburgh by award-winning production company, Liars & Believers.

They are bringing the fun-filled family show all the way from Boston, Massachusetts.

This is the first time the show is being shown outside of the USA with reviews calling it “utterly charming”.

The show is full of action and is appropriate for the whole family, as well as being fully accessible to those in the audience who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Director Jason Slavick says of the show: “It’s a real pleasure for us to be coming to the Fringe for the first time, and with a show that recaptures that childhood sense that imagination makes anything possible.

“The audience and cast become co-conspirators in a big adventure where birds are magical, and the rules of reality are turned upside down.”

Watch Yellow Bird Chase at Assembly George Square Studios between 5th-29th August (except Wednesdays).

The show is on at 12pm, and is 50 minutes long with tickets starting at £7.

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