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EntertainmentPREVIEW - Max Fosh - Zocial Butterfly

PREVIEW – Max Fosh – Zocial Butterfly

VENUE: Bettercup, Underbelly at 14:15 from August 3rd-29th (not 15th).

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INDIGO Productions and United Agents announce that Max Fosh will be making his solo Edinburgh Fringe debut with his show Zocial Butterfly. 

Zocial Butterfly is a fast-paced, multimedia hour of comedy that details the weird and wonderful world of a YouTuber. 

Max will provide a unique insight into the world of online content from the perspective of one of its biggest UK stars.

They said he couldn’t make it as a global fashion icon – they were wrong.

They said he couldn’t legally become the world’s richest man – they were wrong.

They said he couldn’t beat all the odds to become London’s first ever YouTuber mayor…to be fair, they got that one bang on.

Max Fosh promo shot.
Max Fosh has attracted over 1.5m followers across social media. (C) Matt Crokett (Image supplied with release)

But now, Max Fosh faces his next challenge – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – as he brings you his hilarious & unpredictable debut live show Zocial Butterfly. 

Zocial Butterfly has already taken the UK by storm, having toured 13 of the UK’s biggest cities, including two sell-out final shows at London’s Clapham Grand. 

Zocial Butterfly represents an exciting translation of online content to the live stage

During his final year at University, Max started a series called StreetSmart, in which he interviewed students on nights out. 

Following the first episode, filmed in October 2017, Max relentlessly made StreetSmart episodes, and made approximately 25 episodes before leaving Uni. 

After graduating, Max took StreetSmart on tour, around 14 UK Universities. 

Shortly after this, Max met Zac and Jay of The Zac and Jay Show, and in February 2018 they made a video in which they faked Max to the top of London fashion week. 

The video went viral, and Max gained 50,000 subscribers virtually overnight.

Since then, his channel has grown steadily. 

As of April 2022, the channel has 808,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1.5m followers across social media (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram).

Zocial Butterfly is directed by Ed Stambollouian (Joe Lycett, Pinter at the Pinter, Dan & Phil World Tour) and is produced by Indigo Productions & United Agents.

Production Design by Will Hayman Max is represented by Stephanie Moore at United Agents.

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