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Dramatic footage shows mini bus on fire in Scots primary school car park

DRAMATIC footage shows a mini bus on fire in a Scots primary school car park just moments after locals heard a huge bang.

Shocked local Amanda Jenkinson looked out her window to see flames bursting from the bus outside East Craigs Primary School in Edinburgh on Friday.

The 38-year-old heard the sound of glass shattering as the fire took over the Kru Klub mini bus.

The bus has been getting used to take school children on trips over the summer holidays.

Fire crews rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire and luckily there were no reported casualties.

Speaking today, Amanda said: “We heard a loud bang and thought nothing of it.

“We then heard another bang and glass shattering.

“By that time the fire service was already in attendance. That’s when I started filming.”

Amanda posted the video on social media whilst it was still alight on Friday, writing: “Mini bus on fire in East Craigs Primary.

“Heard loud bangs then looked out and saw this. Thank god someone phoned it in quickly.”

Dozens of shocked viewers commented on the clip.

Bus owner Suzanne Marie Smith said: “I’m devastated …still in shock (numb).

The exterior damage from the fire (C) Suzanne Smith

“We can’t take kids on trips for the rest of summer holidays.”

Lorraine Guthrie said: “Absolutely awful I hope they get to the bottom of it but so sad that the kids won’t get to go on any trips as a result.’

Gary Louttit said: “That’s a real shame. The kids will have to go without now. Plus the stress put on the business owner.”

Morag McDonald said: “I hope it was an accidental incident and nothing malicious. Hope you can get it all resolved soon for the kids.”

A Scottish Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson today said: “We were alerted at 5.41pm on Friday, July 29 to reports of a mini bus on fire within a car park on Craigmount Brae, Edinburgh.

“Operations Control mobilised one appliance to the scene.

“Firefighters extinguished the fire and left after ensuring the area was made safe.

“There were no reported casualties.”

Suzanne Smith, owner of Kru Klub After School Hub, said she believes the fire was due to arson.

Speaking today, Suzanne said: “I got a call from the janitor. It was confusing and I couldn’t take it in.

“The fire brigade said our bus was on fire and I was in complete shock.

The interior damage from the fire (C) Suzanne Smith

“I came down and they handed it over to the police. It was devastating.

“I’m very upset because we run a bus for a summer camp for the kids and to see it all burnt out was quite shocking.

“It was in an East Craigs Primary School and so, you’d think it would be safe.

“We do lots of spontaneous trips and I pick up resources all the time on the bus, so it was used regularly.

“I now have no transport to pick up kids for the after school club. I’m now in a pressure to get the kids there because for many of them, it’s too far to walk.

“According to the fire brigade, the fire was due to arson.

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