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Photographer hoping to raise awareness for his unique sexual fetish of wearing as many pairs of shorts as possible

A PHOTOGRAPHER is hoping to raise awareness for his unique sexual fetish of wearing as many pairs of shorts as possible.

Andy Brunton owns over 130 pairs of shorts and gets aroused from piling on as many of them as he physically can.

The 34-year-old’s personal record so far has been when he managed to squeeze himself into a staggering 92 pairs.

Sized from L to 6XL, Andy loves slipping into a whole range of shorts, including swimming trunks, basketball shorts, rugby shorts and boxing shorts.

The exhibitionist says he is stimulated by the “thrill of layering” shorts and also gets a kick out of walking around in them in public.

Andy, from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, has received hate online for his bizarre kink so is hoping that speaking out will help people across the world accept him.

He is also looking for members of the public to send him spare and unused shorts to add to his collection.

Speaking today, Andy said: “It first came about one day when I was about five or six-years-old I tried wearing all my shorts and at that age I only had six pairs.

“As I got older the more shorts I put on and when puberty hit it started turning me on and I started experimenting with how many layers I could get on and walking around wearing as many shorts as possible.

“My relationship with shorts is really good. It’s the feeling of each layer going on and I also like being made to pile on all my shorts.

“I even get turned on just thinking about loads of shorts and the type of shorts I use are swimming shorts, board shorts, soccer shorts, basketball shorts, rugby shorts, NRL shorts and boxing trunks.

Andy in his shorts
Andy has managed to wear 92 pairs of shorts at one time.

“I wish I could find people who would donate shorts to me they no longer need or want.

“I have over 130 pairs of shorts and the most I have worn at once is 92.”

Andy added: “I would like to tell them (people that don’t understand) what it is about and help them understand it but I do get quite a few haters for my layering shorts fetish.

“Some of the names and insults I get are appalling. It is not as bad as people think I’m always up to chat and educate people on my fetish and how it works.”

When asked what he enjoyed most about the fetish, Andy continued: “The excitement, the thrill of layering all my shorts and when people dominate me and make me layer on all my shorts and make do things in them all.

“I’m also an exhibitionist with my shorts, I love walking in public wearing as many as I can and that’s about 56 pairs.”

Andy’s fetish went viral on Twitter on Monday after a social media shared a post about his shorts.

The post collected more than 65,000 likes, over 4,300 retweets and hundreds of comments from people who were mixed with their reactions.

One said: “Yes it’s strange to us outsiders, but this man can fulfil his most carnal desires with nothing but a few dozen pairs of shorts.

Andy in his shorts
Andy in his shorts.

“He’s probably reached higher levels of ecstasy alone in his room than most of us could with a harem and an arsenal of sex toys.

“What simple bliss.”

Another wrote: “I feel like I rarely find fetishes I’ve never heard about before anymore but this is a new one for me.”

A third added: “I gotta give it to Andy Shorts for having the nuts to post about it online.”

A fourth replied: “Honestly respect. Hurts nobody, knows what he likes, in his lane.”

However, one person said: “This almost reaches the same level of weird as when I stumbled across people with a sneezing fetish.”

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