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EntertainmentPREVIEW - Jack Barry - Don't Happy Be Worry

PREVIEW – Jack Barry – Don’t Happy Be Worry

Enjoy Barry's self-reflection and hunt for happiness at The Monkey Barrel, MB4 from the 3rd of August.

DON’T Happy Be Worry addresses life’s principal crossroads. The decision on whether to do what makes you happy or what is right.

Jack Barry returns to place a smile back on your face after the gloomy pandemic.

Jack Barry comes to the Edinburgh Fringe with his show Don't Happy Be Worry.
Jack Barry is a series regular in Mae Martin’s sitcom Feel Good. (C) Matt Stronge.

The comedian grabs the wheel and takes you on the journey of life-changing decisions. Setting the spotlight on the debate of marriage and parenthood.

All while simultaneously talking about absurd but ever-more common issues like polyamory and drug legalisation.

The show, produced by Berk’s Nest & Curtis Brown, discusses these topics by self-reflecting on Barry’s recent searches for happiness.

He discloses his charming adventures from, learning Spanish to adopting an old cat that collects illnesses as a hobby.

Thanks to appearances in shows like Feel Good (Netflix) and collaborations with Mock the Week (BBC2), Barry has earned a place in the comedy industry.

His sketch Get Staffed saw him win Single Funniest Moment at the Portland Comedy Festival Award and appear as a finalist for Best Comedy Short at the Montreal.

The comedian was also the face of peoples-favourite McCoy’s crisps during 2017-18.

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