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EntertainmentREVIEW - David Hoare - 100 Songs In An Hour

REVIEW – David Hoare – 100 Songs In An Hour


DAVID HOARE sells his Edinburgh Fringe Show 100 Songs In An Hour on the absurdly intriguing novelty of the name itself.

But leaving the show, you’re left with an entirely different feeling than what you expected going in.

The vague nature of the show allows the charismatic Bristol-based musician to blast the audience with escalating randomness early on.

An “anything can happen” tone is set to the proceedings from the start.

Not everything thrown at the wall hits though.

David’s show 100 Songs In An Hour overcomes some of its minor misseps with slick one-liners.

For every song about doing chores for his girlfriend and smashing in back doors, there’s one where he shouts “cocks” over and over again to no reaction.

Moments after doing the same thing with “meth”.

There was an air of David figuring out what worked and what didn’t on show one of the Fringe, but thankfully most of the quick-fire tracks are hits rather than misses.

In the times where the show felt it was getting repetitive though, David successfully mixed things up with effective audience participation.

This included quizzes and a small visual gag of a counter of each songs on his laptop was always fun to keep track of, especially when David himself forgot to keep track.

What surprised me most about this though was the narrative throughout.

David spends some of the later songs discussing his life and the pressure he puts on himself.

This in turn provides a heartwarming closing message of embracing yourself without putting too much pressure on everything you do.

With some slick one-liners and aggression akin to Bo Burnham, James Acaster or fellow Fringe performer Tim Vine, David Hoare’s 100 Songs In An Hour largely overcomes it’s repetitive plot and minor missteps to provide a surprisingly endearing and funny 45 minutes that are well worth checking out at this summer’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

And to answer your question, yes. He does indeed sing 100 songs in an hour.


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