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REVIEW – Erin Hunter – Surfing the Holyland


THIS one–woman show covering twelve characters is a definitive must-see performance.

Erin Hunter tells her story of an American who moves from Ohio to Tel Aviv when her husband gets a new job.

With no work visa, what is she to do with her time? She learns to surf of course.

Not only does she learn how to navigate the waters of the Middle East, but the challenges on land too. 

Erin Hunter comes to the Edinburgh Fringe with Surfing the Holyland.
Erin is one half of the comedy duo Hunt the Vigan. (C) Alex Pollak.

Erin oozes charisma throughout the entirety of the runtime.

Her performance unfolds in a deeply personal manner, talking directly to the audience as though she has known them her whole life.

She weaves tales, telling in-depth all the details from her day-to-day life, and the gossip that accompanies it.

The show is split into different lessons, or chapters, of her time in Tel Aviv.

Erin tells of her adjusting to a different culture, dealing with loneliness, hostility and her husband now becoming increasingly distant as he becomes obsessed with religion.

With a sexy surf teacher taking up all of her time, and finding a new hobby, how will this turn out for her? 

Erin puts on a quirky, fast-paced show, that blends both comedy and music, as we join her on a year-long journey of self-discovery, uncovering new passions and finding the way back to each other. 

Erin is an actor-writer from Los Angeles and one half of acclaimed comedy duo, Hunt the Vigan.

She has also been longlisted for this year’s BBC Popcorn Award for New Writing. 

Catch Erin’s Surfing the Holyland at the Dairy Room, Underbelly at 2:55pm daily.

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