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REVIEW – Frankie Boyle – Lap Of Shame


THERE’S a unique kind of laugh you get at Frankie Boyle shows.

You know the type, where you look around making sure you’re okay with the fact that you and room full of people are laughing about Frankie’s planned assassination of The Queen.

Or him almost dating a Nazi. Or his brutal takedowns of modern world leaders. Or God’s grand plan of head first anal being committed on the way to heaven and/or hell.

If this is Frankie having mellowed out, as he insists through the duration of his new Fringe show Lap Of Shame, I’d be terrified to have reviewed him earlier.

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The energy in the room itself was palpable before Frankie even walked on stage, and despite the reputation surrounding one of Scotland’s harshest comedians, he neither disappointed nor bowed to expectation.

There was notable resistance in small portions of the audience to come aboard with his brief discussions surrounding feminism and religion in what was otherwise a politics-heavy show, with one audience member being booted for interfering early in the set.

Nevertheless, Frankie Boyle persevered with his typically abrasive style that shied away from no topic.

From previous controversial jokes, to the race to be the next Prime Minister, to figuring out the least depressing way to end his show, Frankie covered all bases in what was the opposite of the show’s title.

An expected triumph in every sense of the word, go add Frankie Boyle to your Fringe watchlist. Twice.

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