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EntertainmentREVIEW - Lew Fitz - Soft Lad

REVIEW – Lew Fitz – Soft Lad


SOFT Lad, by Lew Fitz, is more of a charming life story than a comedy show. 

A few jokes are missed here and there, whether its Lew’s casual delivery or simply the audience not finding him too funny

Lew does redeem himself in showing care for the audience jammed into the small, sweaty tower at the top of Teviot, but this is just a charming gesture outside of his routine. 

The material Lew works with is certainly kindling enough for a comedic fireball, although a note to him would be that loud does not always equal funny. 

Lew Fitz comes to the Edinburgh Fringe with his show Soft Lad.
Fitz’s show, Soft Lad, will run from the 3rd-29th August at this year’s Fringe. (C) Matt Stronge

All things considered, Soft Lad is a good show, and Lew does a great job of including the audience and creating a friendly atmosphere. 

He shares some intimate stories of his life, complete with charming quips about growing up in Moss Side, Manchester, and his desperate escape to America for university on a lacrosse scholarship. 

He carries on his personal tales with the sad story of deaths in his family during Covid, which you would think would dull the mood, but he manages to scrape by with some amusing material regarding two-for-one offers on urns. 

Lew is endearing, from his transparency in sharing his personal life to his audience interactions, treating the whole room as his trusted friends throughout the runtime. 

Some of his best material is his London dinner party gag. 

He ribs on himself for not being upper class enough to fit in, and in keeping with the rest of the show, shares a funny and somewhat embarrassing story of a panic attack he suffered at the party. 

Expect a lot of self-deprecation and a fair amount of taking the p**s put of his lower class upbringing. 

By no means a bad show, he does keep things on track and manages to endear himself to the audience.

It’s hard to come away from it and not like the man, but as a comedy show? In some ways a bit of a swing and a miss. 

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