Friday, December 1, 2023
Partner PostsRaul Francois Russian Morrison launches oil, gas business in New York City

Raul Francois Russian Morrison launches oil, gas business in New York City

A combined oil and gas venture between Raul Francois Russian Morrison and Ricardo Cisneros Rendiles is launching in the United States.

In a new partnership, Raul Francois Russian Morrison and Ricardo Cisneros Rendiles are combining development efforts as new business partners in the oil and gas industry. 

Photo by Zbynek Burival on Unsplash

The New York City-based effort launched in 2022 contains a full complement of explorative, geological, downstream, and business planning opportunities. 

Russian Morrison is a Venezuelan businessman with strong backing across the oil and gas industry, both in his native country and globally, due to his various roles as a contractor managing environmental, community, and financial matters.

Business objectives for Russian Morrison and Cisneros Rendiles

Strategic concerns the new partnership plans to examine for a range of clients are comprehensive and wide-ranging, tapping into the expertise of both men. 

Integrated exploration studies

The new enterprise includes the initial requirements of integrated exploration studies to include all aspects of modeling a basin for quality and quantity, stratigraphic modeling, evaluating petroleum stores, and a pore pressure prediction to help target future preparation efforts on location.

Geophysics and geological services

To provide optimal information for a potential site, geophysics analysis is also a cornerstone of the business. It includes a full range of seismic and gravig-mag services, from seismic stratigraphy to the subsequent categorization of seismic findings and inversion data and findings into elastic, 4-D, azimuthal, geostatistical, and multi-component forms for easy referencing.

Following initial exploration studies, further geological work can be completed for clients of Raul Francois Russian Morrison and Rendiles. From complex structural analysis to more specific reports and analysis on sedimentology and stratigraphy to the extraction and analysis of cores, the services are a comprehensive look at all geological needs. Also available are rock-typing, fracture analysis and modeling, and geological modeling.

Reservoir engineering and more

More in-depth analysis can also be completed on reservoirs with comprehensive solutions, full reservoir simulation, estimation of reserves, certification, and reservoir management. Field development planning and enhanced oil recovery services of the chemical, thermal, screening, pilot, full-field, and monitoring are offered.

Integrated studies of the reservoir are possible with enhanced analysis, modeling, simulation, and production engineering services, including an economics focus and master development plans.

For the auditing and certification process for reserves, the scope of the new enterprise includes tax law modeling, comprehensive market studies, data room services, valuation, due diligence for acquisitions, and more.

Midstream and downstream services

In addition to exploratory and administrative efforts, the business addresses the complexities of midstream and downstream operations and assists in these areas. Process optimization, drafting and consultation of gas and refining master plans, market studies, and cost and insurance valuations are just the start of the services offered to move oil and gas and see them through the refining process.

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