Thursday, July 29, 2021

Scottish childminders to get £750 grant to help sustain their businesses through pandemic

SCOTTISH childminders will pocket a £750 grant to help sustain their businesses.The government is giving the cash to all registered childminders in Scotland, many of whom are under financial pressure.The flat-rate payments will cost...

Tech companies to solve challenges faced by Scotland’s public sector

SCOTLAND'S public sector is tapping into technology companies’ expertise to solve 12 challenges, including how to decarbonise manufacturing, boost the public’s trust in artificial intelligence (AI), and manage visitors in rural hotspots.CivTech 6 latest...
Scottish Family Party SNP office edit - Politics News Scotland

Scottish Education Secretary trolled by political party with vulgar images

SCOTTISH Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville has been accused of allowing a “corrupting and misleading sex education" programme.The Scottish Family Party made the accusations while trolling the MSP last week by editing vulgar sexual images...
Legs covered in quicksand - Scottish News

Scots council urged to take action after father and son rapidly sucked into quicksand

A SCOTS council has been urged to take drastic action after a father and son were rapidly sucked waist deep into quicksand.The recently terrifying experience saw the pair submerged up to their waists in...
Holyrood Scottish parliament - Politics News Scotland

Scottish Government announces review of international development

THE Scottish Government has announced that projects that prioritise the rights of women and girls in some of the world's poorest nations will be supported as part of a new approach to international development.The...
ambulance with landscape | Uk and World

Body cameras introduced for ambulance workers in the UK

TO combat the amount of assaults on ambulance workers in the UK, body cameras have been introduced.GMB, the union for ambulance service workers, has called on the UK government to adopt a Zero-tolerance approach...
RIshi Sunak's announcement on Twitter - Business News UK

“Not sure he’s the right man to speak to” Rishi Sunak backlash after getting”insulting”...

RISHI Sunak faces backlash after asking multi millionaire superstar Gordon Ramsay for hospitality Covid advice.The Chancellor came under fire after he announced on Twitter that he had approached celebrity TV chef Gordon Ramsay for...
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