Tuesday, June 22, 2021
cruise - Travel News Scotland

British cruise passengers, including Scots, denied right to dock at Scottish port

THE cruise ship was due to dock in Greenock but hundreds of British passengers, including Scots, have been informed that they won’t be permitted to set foot on Scottish soil. The domestic seven-night cruise on...
train with sunset |Transport News Scotland

Caledonian Sleeper to cancel services during proposed strike dates

AS further rail strikes continue, Rail Union RMT claim that Serco have been refusing to negotiate over better pay for staff. Industrial action is scheduled that will cause significant disruption to people booked to travel...
statistics - Research News Scotland

Responses to a major market research exercise have been published

RESPONSES to a major consultation and market research exercise on people’s perceptions of Spaces for People measures, and whether they think they should be retained, have been published on June 2.More than 17,600 people...
Vehicles from visitors have created a potentially dangerous situation - Scottish News

Scots fuming over influx of visitors blocking roads at local beauty spot

SCOTS have been left fuming after an influx of visitors have left roads in chaos at a local beauty spot.Claire Whitton captured floods of tourists blocking the roads around the Silver Sands of Morar...
Scottish Islands - Tourism News Scotland

Orkney was voted Scotland’s best island in a survey

ORKNEY, with its neolithic sites and panoramic views, has been named the best Scottish island, according to a survey.While Scotland’s waters are home to approximately 800 islands, Which? Travel readers rated only 14, highlighting...
Nine people exiting the car | Traffic News UK

Video shows moment cops pull over Skoda Octavia with nine people inside

WATCH the shocking moment cops pulled over a red Skoda Octavia with nine people inside - including two fully grown women in the boot. North Yorkshire Police said they were "totally took by surprise" by...
The lorry stuck on embankment Eridge road - Viral video news

Video shows huge lorry’s disastrous attempt to do a three point turn on residential...

VIDEO shows the moment a huge 15 metre long lorry got stuck while attempting to do a three point turn in a residential street.The A.W. Jenkinson lorry ended up having to be towed out...
The drivers blue studded football boots | Traffic News UK

Disqualified Mercedes driver caught doing 130mph wearing studded football boots

A DISQUALIFIED Mercedes driver was caught speeding at 130mph through two sets of red lights - whilst wearing a pair of studded Adidas football boots. The speeding motorist was caught by Burnley and Padiham Police...
tyre - research News Scotland

Safety fears as lockdown sees millions delay car servicing

MILLIONS of potentially unsafe cars could be returning to the nation’s roads after one in five drivers delayed servicing their vehicles due to lockdown, research has discovered.Postponing the vital safety checks, which most...

ScotRail roasted on Twitter for issuing huge fine against customer

SCOTRAIL has come under fire from merciless Scots on Twitter after tweeting about issuing large fines for fare dodgers.The transport company tweeted yesterday highlighting how they had issued a £283 fine against an unnamed...
car wreck - Research News Scotland

Scotland has seen the highest drop in car accidents since the pandemic began, research...

VEHICLE accidents on UK roads have fallen by 30% since Covid-19 struck and the UK went into lockdown for the first time.LeaseLoco submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request to UK police authorities, asking for data...
Scotrail - Transport News Scotland

What does the UK rail reform mean for Scotland?

A NEW rail reform has been proposed which will come into effect in 2023, it is said to be the biggest shakeup since the 1990s.In the William Shapps Plan for Rail, the UK government...
Proposal message written in sand from the sky | Scottish News

Engineer surprises girlfriend with unique aeroplane proposal above Scots island

AN ENGINEER has surprised his girlfriend with a unique aeroplane proposal over a Scots island airport. Jamie Forde surprised his now fiancée, Anna Pond, by proposing to her as they came to land on a...
scottish motorway at night| Scottish News

Important maintenance gets underway on the M77 Northbound

TRANSPORT Scotland are undertaking essential maintenance on the M77 northbound between the railway bridge and Junction two later this week. Work will be carried out between the hours of 8pm and 6am, each night, from...
Amazon river with boat| Uk and World

Dad releases book after taking his kids around the world

IAN Pilbeam decided when his kids were aged 7 and 9 that the time was right to take them out of school to travel the world.The families travels included climbing Machu Picchu, sailing down...
Glasgow - Scottish News

A tale of two lockdowns – Glasgow and Edinburgh facing very different restrictions

AS the restrictions in many parts of Scotland are easing, people are excited to get back to shopping and eating out.The people of Edinburgh and most of Scotland will be enjoying getting back to...
Albert Pearce on flight - Travel News UK

Savvy holidaymaker snaps up £20 return flights from UK to Portugal

 A SAVVY holidaymaker has managed to book a last minute trip from London to Portugal for £20 return.The keen traveller had been keeping an eye out for flights to countries that were placed on...
Burnt cars after A933 Car Crash - Travel News Scotland

Scots car crash victim thanks electrician who saved her life by pulling her from...

A SCOTS car crash victim has thanked an electrician for saving her life after he raced to her rescue and pulled her from her flaming car - that exploded just moments later.Katelyn Ohren, an...
The handlers and dogs Orkney Native Wildlife Project - Nature News Scotland

Europe’s first stoat detection dogs arrive in Orkney

THREE specially trained conservation detection dogs are the most recent team members for a project to safeguard Orkney’s native wildlife.The trio will be using their sensitive noses to assist the world’s largest stoat eradication.The...
Glasgow-Dundee return train tickets - Scottish travel News

Scot discovers return flights to Malaga cheaper than Dundee to Glasgow train fare

A SAVING-SAVVY Scot has found return flights from Glasgow to Malaga that are cheaper than an off-peak round trip train ticket from Glasgow to Dundee. Tam Wilson posted about the cheap flight alternative on Twitter...
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